Motorola ATRIX HD Developer Edition now available for $459.99 shipping 12/16, featuring unlockable bootloader

After announcing the ATRIX HD Developer Edition earlier this month, the folks at Motorola have made it available on their website for $459.99 off-contract this evening. This edition of the Atrix HD is sure to appease the tinkerers in the crowd, as it lets you get past the locked bootloader to take advantage of the possibilities an unlocked bootloader makes available. The Developer Edition released today offers the same specifications as the Atrix HD available through carriers for $99 on two-year contract. Motorola warns that this device is “not for the faint of heart” and that “warranties will be voided” The device ships the week of 12/16.

Source: Motorola

Google updates Google Drive app with spreadsheet editing and more productivity tweaks

Google just updated the Google Drive app for Android and iOS.

The app’s most noteworthy new feature is the ability to edit spreadsheets, just like Google Docs. The Drive Team elaborated on the latest update via the official Google Drive blog:

From the Drive app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can create a new spreadsheet or edit an existing one. You can switch fonts, resize columns, sort data, and more. And just like on your computer, you’ll be able to see other people’s edits in real time as they’re made.

The newest version also boasts improved text formatting when pasting, while Android users can exclusively edit text within tables in documents and add a homescreen shortcut to any file in Drive.

The full changelog (on Google Play):

  • Edit Google spreadsheets in new native editor
  • Edit contents of tables in Google Docs editor
  • Formatting is maintained when copy/pasting within Google Docs
  • Single tap to enter edit mode in Google Docs editor
  • Add a shortcut to Drive files/folders to your homescreen for quick access
  • Send Link now supports copying link to clipboard

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Google exec reveals Incentive Targeting acquisition

Google just acquired coupon firm and platform Incentive Targeting.

The deal closed for an unknown amount at this time, but 9to5Google contacted Google for a comment, as the last unconfirmed —and false—acquisition created quite a stir in the tech blogosphere, and will update accordingly.

TechCrunch first noted that Mike Dudas, Google’s emerging business lead for mobile commerce, confirmed the news today via a Tweet on Twitter, and he further revealed the buyout will “power highly targeted manufacturer and private label coupon programs.”

Update: A Google spokesperson just confirmed the acquisition to 9to5Google:

“We look forward to working with Incentive Targeting in our ongoing efforts to help consumers save time and money and enable retailers deliver relevant discounts to the right customers.”

The full press release posted to Incentive Targeting’s website is below.

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Bing compares Google Shopping to Ebenezer Scrooge in ‘Don’t Get Scroogled’ campaign

Microsoft loves to launch ad campaigns against its No. 1 enemy, Google, and now it is embarking on yet another for Christmastime, called “Don’t Get Scroogled“, that places the Google Shopping experience under a microscope.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, lambasted Google today and alerted consumers of Mountain View’s pay-to-rank system for shopping results. Here’s an excerpt from the “Don’t Get Scroogled: Bing Launches Campaign for Honest Search to Help Shoppers this Holiday Season” blog post on Bing’s community website:

“Specifically, we want to alert you to what Google has done with their shopping site right in time for Christmas. Instead of showing you the most relevant shopping search results for the latest coffee maker you’re looking to buy mom, Google Shopping now decides what to show you – and how prominently to display what product offers they show — based partially on how much the merchant selling the product has paid them. Merchants can literally pay to improve their chances to display their product offers higher than others inside of Google’s shopping “search,” even if it’s not better or cheaper for the consumer. The result of this new “pay-to-rank” system is that it’s easy for consumers to mistake an ad for an honest search. That’s not right, it’s misleading. It’s not what you expect from search, and it’s not how we at Bing think search engines should help consumers get the best prices and selection when shopping.”

The Redmond, Wash.-based search engine basically said shoppers who use Google for their shopping searches are “getting ‘Scroogled’ when they should be getting fair, honest, open search.” Bing then compared Google Shopping to Ebenezer Scrooge and noted, “We think consumers should be aware what they’re seeing when they’re shopping online and to understand, without any hidden text or traps, the fine print of what their ‘search engine’ actually searches.”

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Google CEO Larry Page met with FTC to discuss antitrust investigation

Earlier this month, we learned that if Google does not agree to settle with the FTC over alleged abuses, it would be forced to face a formal complaint from the organization.

Bloomberg reported this afternoon that Google CEO Larry Page met with FTC officials today to discuss the investigation and to persuade them that the folks in Mountain View haven’t broken any antitrust laws. The report also added that settlement talks have been ongoing for roughly a week.

The FTC has looked into Google for alleged abuses regarding its large reach over the Internet for roughly two years. FTC Chairman Jonathan Leibowitz is requesting Google make an offer and “won’t accept a resolution short of a consent decree.”

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Nexus 4 sales live again, only 16GB delivers for Christmas (Updated)

The LG Nexus 4 just returned to the Google Play store after both capacities sold out roughly two weeks ago, but now it looks as though the 16GB version will only be available for Christmas.

The 8GB smartphone now has a “4-5 week” shipping notice, where as the 16GB has “1-2 weeks”, so those who want to grab this Android device as a gift for the holiday season had better hurry now. Both the 8GB and 16GB models will likely sell out again or at the very least experience more shipping delays.

Check it out: 

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