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May 3

New Google Pay ‘buy’ button shows the last four digits of your card

Google Pay support is much more common and familiar on mobile than the web, but adoption is increasingly growing. To further that, a new and “improved” Google Pay button is working to increase click-through rates.

May 13

Google Chrome adds speedy ‘back-forward cache’ on desktop with instant page loading

Chrome gets a bad rap for eating up your RAM, but when given proper resources, it’s still an extremely quick web browser. Now, it’s adding another feature that should make it feel even faster with the “back-forward cache” coming to desktop versions of Chrome.

May 12

[Update: Winners] Android devs can win prizes in Google’s Jetpack Compose challenge

With Jetpack Compose entering beta today, the Android team is encouraging developers to learn about and “get ready to adopt” the modern toolkit for building native UI. To do so, Google is launching a monthlong Android Dev Challenge that includes Jetpack Compose-themed prizes.

April 23

[Update: Live] Google readies crowdsourced ‘App install optimization’ in the Play Store

Over the past several years, Google has been working to make Android apps smaller in size by optimizing what code and resources are downloaded to devices. The latest initiative on this front is “App install optimization” in Google Play.

April 29

Opinion: Actually, the new ‘Mighty’ browser is the ‘Chrome Cloud Tabs’ feature I’ve been waiting for

Mighty is a new browser project that puts Google Chrome in the cloud and streams it to your PC. While I don’t know if Mighty will end up making sense for my personal situation, it does perfectly resemble a product I’ve found myself hoping Google itself would build as a feature in Chrome. How worthwhile […]

May 10

What to expect from Google I/O 2021: Assistant, Android 12, and ‘Material NEXT’

While I/O is predominantly a developer conference, the kickoff keynote is Google’s biggest opportunity every year to show off new consumer services and products. After skipping a year, Google I/O is back for 2021. Here’s our preview of what we expect the company to show off next Tuesday.

April 1

Google Home app prompting some users to ‘Connect SimpliSafe’ even without nearby devices

One way Google has been working to improve the smart home experience is with seamless device setup. The Google Home app recommends users to connect nearby devices, though an error today sees some users getting promoted to “Connect SimpliSafe.”

March 31

Google canceling April Fools’ Day jokes for the second year in a row

Many in the industry pulled the plug on April Fools’ Day pranks in 2020 as tension from the emerging COVID-19 pandemic was high, Google included. Now, for the second year in a row, Google is skipping April Fools’ Day 2021.

March 30

Review: Nest Hub (2nd gen) sleep tracking ushers in a radically more pervasive Google Assistant

Technology today is already quite assistive, from location-aware reminders to notifications telling you when to leave, factoring in live traffic conditions. In fact, that’s now the base level of usefulness we expect from our gadgets. After using Google’s 2nd-gen Nest Hub for the past week, I experienced the next level of computers passively suggesting what […]

March 16

Files by Google adds a ‘Favorites’ folder, more new features hinted at

The latest Files by Google update rolling out via the Google Play Store has added a neat new “Favorites” folder, while code strings within this build hint at some more potential new features.

Google Home 2.34 adds real-time Nest Wifi usage and network history graphs

The latest update to Google’s Home companion app is rolling out on Android and iOS this morning. Besides Home 2.34 adding support for the 2nd-gen Nest Hub, the Google/Nest Wifi experience gets a big update with network usage graphs.

March 17

Google releases Android 12 Developer Preview 2 for Pixel phones

The next release of Android 12 is here with Developer Preview 2 (DP2) rolling out to Pixel phones today. It follows the DP1.1 patch released at the start of this month, and offers a number of new features for developers to use in their apps.

March 11

Google adding quality, performance guidelines for smart home devices that work with Assistant

Google Assistant capabilities created by third-parties, including developers integrating smart home devices, are known as “Actions.” The company today announced an updated Google Assistant Actions policy that introduces device quality and safety guidelines.

YouTube Shorts hands-on: Time to take on TikTok [Video]

Despite being the dominant streaming platform on the entire internet, YouTube is taking on TikTok directly with its own Shorts videos.

March 5

The average Android tablet isn’t ready for work from home — believe me, I tried

With work from home becoming more prevalent over the years — the last one especially, Android OEMs have repeatedly tried to make their tablets more productive and work-ready. This past week, I tried to use an Android tablet — Lenovo P11 Pro with keyboard cover —  for work instead of my usual Chromebook, and it […]

March 2

DJI’s FPV drone is here, and it’s amazing. DroneDJ’s review and video

Finally. The new DJI FPV drone is available – and it’s pretty innovative. DJI has produced a product that offers a stable FPV experience for a beginner, yet enough performance to satisfy many existing FPV pilots. It’s not for everyone, but it will be a great choice for many. And all at a combo price, if you can get your hands on one.

February 26

Stadia port of Terraria is coming after co-creator gets Google accounts back [Updated]

It’s unfortunately not a super uncommon issue for people to be randomly locked out of Google accounts, and in many cases the recovery process is full of a lot of frustrating waiting. That’s what happened to the co-creator of Terraria, and as a result the game’s upcoming port to Google Stadia was canceled entirely.

February 17

Google winding down standalone Crisis Map website given Search, Maps integration

Google launched Crisis Map eight years ago as a way to visualize emergency and weather-related data.  In an email to users, the company announced today that its shutting down the standalone website next month. 

February 16

Stadia’s Phil Harrison commended SG&E devs for ‘great progress’ days before killing the studio

At the start of February, we were shocked when Google announced the end of its efforts to run in-house game development studios, and as it turns out, the developers were just as surprised. Just days before the public announcement, Stadia General Manager Phil Harrison sent a mass email to Stadia Games & Entertainment (SG&E) employees, […]

February 9

Samsung Galaxy S21 series and over 20+ devices join ARCore support list

Coming as absolutely no surprise, the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 series is now officially joining the Google ARCore support list alongside over 20 other devices from various OEMs, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, HTC, and Oppo.

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