Google Cloud Next '19 Stories May 7, 2019

[Update: Now generally available] All Android 7+ phones are now 2FA security keys for signing into Google

Last year at Cloud Next, Google announced its own Titan Security Key as part of a push to encourage two-step verification. These small devices fight phishing by requiring a physical confirmation that you are the one logging into an account. Google today announced that all Android 7+ phones can be used as security keys to sign into the company’s services.

Google Cloud Next '19 Stories April 10, 2019

Google announced this morning that Hangouts Chat is coming to Gmail. That integration was teased earlier this year as one of the legacy features coming from classic Hangouts. At Cloud Next 2019, Google detailed public Guest access, Meet/Voice integration, and a Progress Web Apps to replace Electron clients.

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Developing for the cloud can be an entirely different experience than developing a local app, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way. During the second day of Cloud Next ’19, Google has launched Cloud Code, a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs and Visual Studio Code that will help developers create cloud applications.

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Google Cloud launches AutoML Tables, Video Intelligence, and Vision Edge

One focus for Google Cloud is increasing customer adoption of AI by offering a wide range of machine learning services at all levels. Launched last year, Cloud AutoML is aimed at developers with limited expertise that still want to train and leverage models.

With Google killing its social network for consumers and brands last week, the service is now solely focussed on enterprise customers. To usher in that new era, Google+ was rebranded to Google Currents at Cloud Next 2019.

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This October, Google is retiring Hangouts “classic” for G Suite enterprise users. Ahead of that, a number of legacy features will be added to the Hangouts Chat and Meet replacements. At Cloud Next 2019, Google announced Chat integration in Gmail, while public streaming and live captioning are coming to Hangouts Meet.

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Google unveiled Assistant nearly three years ago and it is now accessible on every major platform from Android to Chrome OS to Google Home. Despite its wide availability, the smart assistant has been limited to personal Google Accounts. At Cloud Next 2019, Google announced G Suite integration for Google Assistant in beta.

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Google Cloud Next '19 Stories April 9, 2019

Google Cloud Next ’19 served as new CEO Thomas Kurian’s first public debut since replacing Diane Greene. Besides several developer-focused product announcements this morning during the Day 1 Keynote, the former 20-year Oracle executive announced his plan to expand Google’s enterprise market share.

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While it’s easy to look at Dropbox and G Suite as competitors, many have wanted to see the two services align. At Google Cloud Next ’19, Dropbox has announced that this is happening, with business customers gaining access to deep integration with Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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For the past several years, Google Cloud has hosted an annual developer conference focussed on its growing enterprise business. Cloud Next ’19 kicks off today with Day 1 announcements that are more focussed on developer services and infrastructure.

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Google Cloud Next '19 Stories December 12, 2018

Google Cloud Next ’19 scheduled for April 9-11, registration opens today

Besides I/O, Google hosts Cloud Next every year to showcase and announce new enterprise products from G Suite to Cloud and developer tools. Next year, the conference will take place in San Francisco in April and comes as Google Cloud is in the midst of a CEO transition.

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