Hangouts Meet Stories April 10

Google announced this morning that Hangouts Chat is coming to Gmail. That integration was teased earlier this year as one of the legacy features coming from classic Hangouts. At Cloud Next 2019, Google detailed public Guest access, Meet/Voice integration, and a Progress Web Apps to replace Electron clients.

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This October, Google is retiring Hangouts “classic” for G Suite enterprise users. Ahead of that, a number of legacy features will be added to the Hangouts Chat and Meet replacements. At Cloud Next 2019, Google announced Chat integration in Gmail, while public streaming and live captioning are coming to Hangouts Meet.

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Hangouts Meet Stories February 4

With Hangouts Meet hardware, Google set out to offer an end-to-end video conferencing solution for enterprise customers. Powered by Chrome OS, current packages feature a touch screen controller, as well as camera, microphone, and speaker. Google Cloud today announced a partnership with Logitech and a new Acer Chromebase for Meetings.

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Hangouts Meet Stories January 31

Google adds dedicated Hangouts Meet IP addresses for G Suite admins, network prioritization

With Hangouts classic set to be retired later this year, Google is moving full steam ahead on making Hangouts Meet a full featured video conferencing solution. The latest enterprise-focussed feature sees Google add fixed IP addresses for the G Suite service.

Hangouts Meet Stories January 22

Alongside initial details on the transition of G Suite users from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Chat & Meet, Google is also giving us just a little bit more info on the transition from ‘classic’ Hangouts to free Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for consumers.

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After our report last year that Google plans to shut down classic Hangouts in 2020, the company announced that it was “fully committed” to supporting classic Hangouts users until it completed a “successful” migration to Hangouts Chat and Meet. The company didn’t detail a timeline for the Hangouts transition then, but now that day has come — at least for G Suite users.

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