Hangouts Meet Stories April 1, 2020

Google reports surge in Hangouts Meet usage amid coronavirus

When possible, the world is largely staying home and turning to remote work or distance-learning. As a result, Hangouts Meet and other Google products have seen tremendous “surges” in usage amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hangouts Meet Stories March 23, 2020

Google recommends these webcams and headsets for Hangouts Meet

As millions have started working from home in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Google’s Hangouts Meet video conferencing tool has ended up with more users. Now, Google has published a list of recommendations for what hardware users should pick up for Hangouts Meet including webcams and headsets.

Hangouts Meet Stories March 19, 2020

Google updates Hangouts Meet to give teachers more control over calls

In light of COVID-19, many students around the world are turning to remote learning. Google at the start of this month made premium Hangouts Meet features available to all G Suite customers. An update today makes tweaks to improve the education experience and ensure teachers have control over Hangouts Meet calls.

Hangouts Meet Stories March 3, 2020

As a result of COVID-19, office employees and students are beginning to work remotely to help reduce the risk of spreading, and more are expected to join. Google today announced that it’s aiding the coronavirus relief effort by making premium Hangouts Meet features available for free to all G Suite customers.

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Hangouts Meet Stories February 10, 2020

Hangouts Meet now supports Safari 13 and later on macOS

Ahead of Google deprecating classic Hangouts later this year for enterprise customers, the two intended replacements need to achieve feature parity. The latest step sees Hangouts Meet add support for Safari on macOS.

Hangouts Meet Stories October 24, 2019

Hangouts Meet for web gets Material Theme tweaks

The latest G Suite app to get a Material Theme revamp is the web Hangouts Meet client. This “new look and feel” for Google’s enterprise video conferencing service only offers visual improvements with no functionality changes.

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