Hangouts Meet Stories September 12

Hangouts Meet adds live streaming for up to 100K participants

Announced last year, Hangouts Meet is Google’s video conferencing solution for enterprises and larger organizations. Today, the service is adding support for live streams like company-wide meetings and other events where users need to tune in, but not necessarily participate.

Hangouts Meet Stories April 25

Google is transitioning G Suite video meetings to Hangouts Meet

Google continues its spree of slowly retiring apps in favor of newer ones, with all G Suite administrators receiving a notice about video meetings.

Hangouts Meet Stories April 2

Hangouts Meet gains free U.S. and Canada phone calling to add participants

Hangouts Chat finally launched to the public in February, joining Hangouts Meet and reflecting the move towards Hangouts becoming an enterprise service. The video conferencing app is today adding the ability to make free phone calls.

Hangouts Meet Stories February 6

Last October, Google launched dedicated hardware for its Hangouts Meet video conferencing solution. Today, it is adding an option to support larger rooms, while launching in more countries, along with Jamboard.

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Hangouts Meet Stories October 31, 2017

Earlier this year, Google relaunched Hangouts as an enterprise service focused at teams. Hangouts Meet — the video component — launched before the text chat app and is today adding dedicated hardware to simplify video conferencing.

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Hangouts Meet Stories July 18, 2017

Earlier this year, Google announced an enterprise-focused revamp of Hangouts. Split into two apps, Chat is focussed on text communication, while Meet is designed for video conferencing. The former service is not yet ready, but the latter is adding a highly requested messaging feature for text chatting during calls.

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