Hangouts Chat Stories April 15, 2020

Hangouts Meet just got its much-needed rebrand to Google Meet amidst the surging popularity of videoconferencing tools in general. Alongside a trademark for that term, there’s another Hangouts product whose fate has yet to be decided. Hangouts Chat, the teams-focused Slack competitor from the Mountain View company, might also be getting a rebrand that does away with the troublesome Hangouts branding.

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Hangouts Chat Stories April 9, 2020

Messages in Hangouts Chat can now be forwarded to Gmail

This week saw Hangouts Meet become Google Meet amid a surge in video conferencing usage. Hangouts Chat is picking up a new feature that lets you forward messages to Gmail.

Hangouts Chat Stories January 21, 2020

With the launch of Gmail’s Material Theme revamp on the web in 2018, Tasks was reintroduced as a standalone to-do app. Google Tasks now appears to be readying Hangouts Chat integration.

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Hangouts Chat Stories September 24, 2019

With the classic Hangouts transition for G Suite customers delayed until 2020, Google has more time to add functionality to Hangouts Chat and reach feature parity. The Android and iOS apps today are getting a bottom bar redesign that splits “People” and Rooms.”

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Hangouts Chat Stories August 29, 2019

At Cloud Next 2019 in April, Google announced a slew of upcoming Gmail and Hangouts Chats features to help boost productivity. “Out of office” Calendar integration will begin rolling out to those two apps in the coming weeks.

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Hangouts Chat Stories April 10, 2019

Google announced this morning that Hangouts Chat is coming to Gmail. That integration was teased earlier this year as one of the legacy features coming from classic Hangouts. At Cloud Next 2019, Google detailed public Guest access, Meet/Voice integration, and a Progress Web Apps to replace Electron clients.

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