Hangouts Chat Stories September 18

Hangouts Chat adds notification snoozing with return time visible to other users

Google’s Slack competitor is gaining the ability to snooze notifications. A staple feature of any enterprise messaging app, the implementation in Hangouts Chat conveniently alerts other users when you’ll return.

Hangouts Chat Stories August 27

Hangouts Chat adds emoji reactions to web and mobile apps

After gaining a Google Material Theme last month, Hangouts Chat is getting social with emoji reactions. The new feature is rolling out now on both the web and mobile version of Google’s enterprise-focused communication tool.

Hangouts Chat Stories July 20

Hangouts Chat on the web updated w/ various Google Material Theme tweaks

Hangouts Chat is Google’s Slack competitor for enterprise and businesses. Made available to G Suite accounts earlier this year, Google is now rolling out a Material Theme redesign for the service.

Hangouts Chat Stories March 1

Following its IPO filing last week, Dropbox today announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to integrate G Suite with the former’s platform. Integrations range from productivity and communication services, including with the just announced Hangouts Chat. expand full story

Hangouts Chat Stories February 28

Last March, Google revamped Hangouts for the enterprise by splitting it into separate Meet and Chat apps. The former is for video conferencing and has been available for several months now, while the latter messaging component is launching today.

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Hangouts Chat Stories March 9, 2017

With the launch of Allo and Duo, Google telegraphed last year that Hangouts would be moving to a more enterprise focus. Today, the service is finally seeing that major revamp, with the app being split into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. The former is a Slack-like group chat tool, while the latter improves the video conferencing experience.

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