Hangouts Chat Stories April 15, 2020

Hangouts Meet just got its much-needed rebrand to Google Meet amidst the surging popularity of videoconferencing tools in general. Alongside a trademark for that term, there’s another Hangouts product whose fate has yet to be decided. Hangouts Chat, the teams-focused Slack competitor from the Mountain View company, might also be getting a rebrand that does away with the troublesome Hangouts branding.

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Hangouts Chat Stories April 9, 2020

Messages in Hangouts Chat can now be forwarded to Gmail

This week saw Hangouts Meet become Google Meet amid a surge in video conferencing usage. Hangouts Chat is picking up a new feature that lets you forward messages to Gmail.

Hangouts Chat Stories January 21, 2020

With the launch of Gmail’s Material Theme revamp on the web in 2018, Tasks was reintroduced as a standalone to-do app. Google Tasks now appears to be readying Hangouts Chat integration.

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Hangouts Chat Stories September 24, 2019

With the classic Hangouts transition for G Suite customers delayed until 2020, Google has more time to add functionality to Hangouts Chat and reach feature parity. The Android and iOS apps today are getting a bottom bar redesign that splits “People” and Rooms.”

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Hangouts Chat Stories August 29, 2019

At Cloud Next 2019 in April, Google announced a slew of upcoming Gmail and Hangouts Chats features to help boost productivity. “Out of office” Calendar integration will begin rolling out to those two apps in the coming weeks.

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Hangouts Chat Stories April 10, 2019

Google announced this morning that Hangouts Chat is coming to Gmail. That integration was teased earlier this year as one of the legacy features coming from classic Hangouts. At Cloud Next 2019, Google detailed public Guest access, Meet/Voice integration, and a Progress Web Apps to replace Electron clients.

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This October, Google is retiring Hangouts “classic” for G Suite enterprise users. Ahead of that, a number of legacy features will be added to the Hangouts Chat and Meet replacements. At Cloud Next 2019, Google announced Chat integration in Gmail, while public streaming and live captioning are coming to Hangouts Meet.

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Hangouts Chat Stories April 4, 2019

Earlier this week, we spotted Hangouts Chat in the G Suite panel ahead of Cloud Next 2019. Before the conference next week, Google’s latest enterprise messaging app is redesigning its side panel to help users keep better track of ongoing chats.

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Hangouts Chat Stories April 2, 2019

With the new Gmail for web last April, Google introduced a “quick-access side panel” with widgets for Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. It has since been added to other G Suite apps like Drive and Docs on the web. The next service to make an appearance in the side panel could be Hangouts Chat.

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Hangouts Chat Stories March 11, 2019

Hangouts Chat adds option to delete direct message conversation history

After adding typing indicators in direct messages last month, Hangouts Chat now has the ability to delete 1:1 conversation history. This straightforward functionality for Google’s enterprise-focussed messaging solution is already live on Android, and coming to all platforms.

Hangouts Chat Stories February 13, 2019

Hangouts Chat adds typing indicators in direct messages, but don’t be that person

Google is set to deprecate Hangouts classic later this year and move all G Suite users to Hangouts Chat. Ahead of that transition, Google is porting over legacy features, like today’s addition of typing indicators.

Hangouts Chat Stories January 22, 2019

Alongside initial details on the transition of G Suite users from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Chat & Meet, Google is also giving us just a little bit more info on the transition from ‘classic’ Hangouts to free Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for consumers.

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After our report last year that Google plans to shut down classic Hangouts in 2020, the company announced that it was “fully committed” to supporting classic Hangouts users until it completed a “successful” migration to Hangouts Chat and Meet. The company didn’t detail a timeline for the Hangouts transition then, but now that day has come — at least for G Suite users.

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Hangouts Chat Stories January 7, 2019

[Update: Meet] Google combining classic Hangouts, Hangouts Chat settings for G Suite

Classic Hangouts was originally set to be deprecated in October 2019 for G Suite users. In August, Google delayed the transition for enterprise to June 2020 as the slow migration process continues. For admins today, Google is combining classic Hangouts and Chat policy management.

Hangouts Chat Stories December 8, 2018

With all the buzz recently around (the recently dubbed) “Hangouts classic” shutting down, in favor of Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, we took some time as a group to give Hangouts Chat a hands-on trial. Needless to say, things didn’t go smoothly.

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Hangouts Chat Stories December 7, 2018

Over the past week, the narrative around Google’s messaging and communication services has been defined by a spate of planned deprecations — both of which 9to5Google first reported about. While older services will be “sunset,” the company’s vision for consumers hasn’t changed much since earlier this year, revolving around RCS “Chat” and Google Duo video calling.

However, complicating this dual-service future now is the newly-revealed fact that the enterprise-focused Hangouts Chat and Meet will also be available to consumers, and that Google Voice is still an active service. This is just the latest in Google’s tangled and sometimes incoherent strategy for simply saying “Hello.”

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Hangouts Chat Stories December 6, 2018

Hangouts Chat rolling out Smart Reply to mobile and web apps

Yesterday, Google confirmed that it was sunsetting Allo, while focusing on Hangouts Chat and Meet for the enterprise rather than the “classic” iteration. To reaffirm that commitment, the Slack competitor today is adding Smart Reply.

Hangouts Chat Stories December 5, 2018

Over the past several days, 9to5Google reported that Google was planning to move away from “classic Hangouts” and sunset Google Allo. Amid the discussion about the company’s messaging future, Google today clarified its strategy, and published a definite blog post confirming our two reports.

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Hangouts Chat Stories December 1, 2018

[Update: Google statement] Hangouts Chat & Hangouts Meet will open to consumers before ‘Hangouts classic’ shuts down

Things are shaking up again in the ever-quaking world of Google’s endless messaging apps. Yesterday, we reported that Google’s Hangouts messaging service would shut down some time in 2020. While one Googler has refuted that timeline, he’s not denied that what he calls the “classic version of Hangouts” is on the way out, and one step of this process is to open Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat to consumers.

Hangouts Chat Stories September 18, 2018

Hangouts Chat adds notification snoozing with return time visible to other users

Google’s Slack competitor is gaining the ability to snooze notifications. A staple feature of any enterprise messaging app, the implementation in Hangouts Chat conveniently alerts other users when you’ll return.

Hangouts Chat Stories August 27, 2018

Hangouts Chat adds emoji reactions to web and mobile apps

After gaining a Google Material Theme last month, Hangouts Chat is getting social with emoji reactions. The new feature is rolling out now on both the web and mobile version of Google’s enterprise-focused communication tool.

Hangouts Chat Stories July 20, 2018

Hangouts Chat on the web updated w/ various Google Material Theme tweaks

Hangouts Chat is Google’s Slack competitor for enterprise and businesses. Made available to G Suite accounts earlier this year, Google is now rolling out a Material Theme redesign for the service.

Hangouts Chat Stories March 1, 2018

Following its IPO filing last week, Dropbox today announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to integrate G Suite with the former’s platform. Integrations range from productivity and communication services, including with the just announced Hangouts Chat. expand full story

Hangouts Chat Stories February 28, 2018

Last March, Google revamped Hangouts for the enterprise by splitting it into separate Meet and Chat apps. The former is for video conferencing and has been available for several months now, while the latter messaging component is launching today.

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Hangouts Chat Stories March 9, 2017

With the launch of Allo and Duo, Google telegraphed last year that Hangouts would be moving to a more enterprise focus. Today, the service is finally seeing that major revamp, with the app being split into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. The former is a Slack-like group chat tool, while the latter improves the video conferencing experience.

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