Google Play Games Stories November 12, 2019

Over the past year, Play Games has gained a dark theme and Material Theme settings. Google is now rolling out an organization revamp that sees Play Games gain dedicated tabs for key parts of the Android app and a “Home” feed.

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Google Play Games Stories September 16, 2019

Google shutting down multiplayer APIs of Play Games Services in March

For years now, Google has offered mobile developers access to handy APIs that many different kinds of games would need as part of Play Games Services. Two of these Play Games APIs, real-time and turn-based multiplayer services, will be shutting down in March.

Google Play Games Stories February 7, 2019

Play Games on Android is one of Google’s most Material Theme-heavy apps. After adding a dark theme in December, the latest version widely rolling out today has redesigned the settings page and tweaked some options.

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Google Play Games Stories December 14, 2018

Google Play Games 5.14 adds dark theme, app shortcuts, and more

Earlier today, Google Discover began rolling out a dark theme to the Pixel Launcher feed. Google Play Games is now the latest app to get an alternative to the stark white appearance of the Google Material Theme. Version 5.14 also adds app shortcuts and other visual tweaks.

Google Play Games Stories April 4, 2017

Google Play Games Services (GPGS) has long supported iOS with game analytics tools and social multi-player features. However, as part of a streamlining effort, support for that OS will be dropped, while several Android features will also be removed.

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Google Play Games Stories January 12, 2017


When using the word ‘google-y,’ there are more than a few things that usually come to mind. One of them is, indubitably, creativity. And creativity is at the core of Google’s new app “Toontastic 3D”, launching today on Android and iOS

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