Google Clock Stories July 31

Google announced yesterday that Android’s default Clock app is adding musical alarms courtesy of a new Spotify integration. Version 5.3 with that functionality is rolling out now and features some small visual tweaks throughout the app.

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The Google Clock app is sparingly updated, but it’s getting a major integration today with Spotify that lets users set musical alarms. The online streaming service compliments the current in-app alarm sounds and is aimed at helping users get up in the morning.

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Google Clock Stories November 2, 2017

Following an update in July that added a darker theme, new icon, and Android Oreo support, the latest version of Google Clock is now rolling out. Version 5.2 revamps the app icon and makes significant changes to the world clocks feature.

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Google Clock Stories September 22, 2017

Smartphones are truly indispensable given how they’ve subsumed all the other gadgets in our lives. They are used by many as buzzers to wake up, and as such a possible alarm bug on Android Oreo is quite worrying.

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Google Clock Stories July 31, 2017

Google Clock update adds darker theme, new icon, and Android O support

The last major version of Google Clock in February added easier navigation and bolder fonts to the app. An update rolling out today introduces a new darker theme and icon, while adding support for Android O.

Google Clock Stories February 14, 2017

The clock app is a basic, but fundamental and frequently used function on any device. From waking up to setting cooking timers, it’s important for a clock app to be intuitive. An update now rolling out to Google’s Clock app brings some minor tweaks makes the jump to version 5.0…

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