Google Clock Stories May 12

On stage at I/O 2022, Google announced that over 20 of its first-party apps will soon be optimized for large screens. Some were already previewed yesterday, and there’s now a look at how Google Clock and Calculator are being updated for their Android tablet redesigns.

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Google Clock Stories January 21

With the launch of the Pixel 6 and Android 12, At a Glance saw a big redesign. In November, we detailed how the visual revamp was a prelude to Google adding even more capabilities. That At a Glance upgrade, with interesting changes to the backend, is now beginning to roll out. 

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Google Clock Stories October 12, 2021

With Android 12 Beta 5 last month, Google introduced Material You clock widgets. An update to Google Clock is rolling out today with a brand new widget and a grand total of five clock styles to choose from.

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Google Clock Stories October 11, 2021

Back in August, Google widely rolled out a visual revamp of its wearable Play Store. Google Clock now looks to be the next Wear OS app to get a Material You redesign.

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Google Clock Stories September 13, 2021

It appears that for many people out there, the scheduled alarms feature on the Google Clock app is flat-out broken with the bug preventing preset alarms from going off. On the back of this issue, the Play Store listing has now seen a deluge of 1-star ratings from disgruntled users.

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Google Clock Stories September 8, 2021

Material You is the biggest story in Android design in years, but with a full launch of Android 12 around the corner, we haven’t seen many full makeovers to reflect the aesthetic. With Android 12 Beta 5, Google Clock has also picked up a massive Material You update.

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Google is bringing a whole new design to Android 12 with “Material You,” and that includes the first formal widget revamp the platform has seen in the better part of a decade. Now, in Android 12 Beta 5, Google has finally debuted a taste of its preferred design for Material You widgets in the form of some clock widgets.

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Google Clock Stories August 11, 2020

All Android phones can now use Bedtime Mode and Sunrise Alarm in Google Clock

One of the cooler recent features of Google Pixel phones, Bedtime Mode, including the previous Pixel Stand exclusive “Sunrise Alarm,” is now becoming available for all Android phones through the Google Clock app.

Google Clock Stories June 1, 2020

Since Digital Wellbeing launched in 2018, Google’s company-wide initiative to help manage device usage has seen a number of updates. The latest for Android is focused on helping you get more sleep through a new “Bedtime” hub in the Google Clock app.

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Google Clock Stories May 20, 2020

Google’s Digital Wellbeing is both an app for Pixels & other Android phones and a wider initiative to help folks find healthy ways to disconnect from their phones. The next step for the Digital Wellbeing app appears to be to use a variety of data from your phone to give insights into why you might not be sleeping at night.

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Google Clock Stories February 10, 2020

One of the best parts about the Google Clock app is its ability to play from your favorite music apps when your alarm goes off. Unfortunately, many people using Google Clock are being given a rude reawakening due to an issue with the Spotify app causing alarm music to play again shortly after being dismissed.

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Google Clock Stories February 27, 2019

Last July, Google Clock added support for custom musical alarms from third-party streaming services. Spotify was the first partner at launch, with YouTube Music and Pandora following today in the latest update.

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Google Clock Stories November 14, 2018

Routines in Google Assistant allow users to string together various Actions that are naturally invoked together over the course of a day. Useful for controlling smart home gadgets, these custom macros now integrate with Google Clock to invoke after an alarm is dismissed. Meanwhile, Assistant will soon be able to invoke Do Not Disturb on your phone.

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Google Clock Stories July 31, 2018

Google announced yesterday that Android’s default Clock app is adding musical alarms courtesy of a new Spotify integration. Version 5.3 with that functionality is rolling out now and features some small visual tweaks throughout the app.

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The Google Clock app is sparingly updated, but it’s getting a major integration today with Spotify that lets users set musical alarms. The online streaming service compliments the current in-app alarm sounds and is aimed at helping users get up in the morning.

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Google Clock Stories November 2, 2017

Following an update in July that added a darker theme, new icon, and Android Oreo support, the latest version of Google Clock is now rolling out. Version 5.2 revamps the app icon and makes significant changes to the world clocks feature.

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Google Clock Stories September 22, 2017

Smartphones are truly indispensable given how they’ve subsumed all the other gadgets in our lives. They are used by many as buzzers to wake up, and as such a possible alarm bug on Android Oreo is quite worrying.

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Google Clock Stories July 31, 2017

Google Clock update adds darker theme, new icon, and Android O support

The last major version of Google Clock in February added easier navigation and bolder fonts to the app. An update rolling out today introduces a new darker theme and icon, while adding support for Android O.

Google Clock Stories February 14, 2017


The clock app is a basic, but fundamental and frequently used function on any device. From waking up to setting cooking timers, it’s important for a clock app to be intuitive. An update now rolling out to Google’s Clock app brings some minor tweaks makes the jump to version 5.0…

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