Lenovo Smart Clock Stories September 21

Last year Lenovo debuted its Smart Clock, a Google Assistant form factor of its own that proved to be one of the best ways to bring the handy voice assistant into the bedroom. Now, the Lenovo Smart Clock is getting a handy new feature in the form of a night light.

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Lenovo Smart Clock Stories February 25

Last year, Google and Lenovo partnered to launch a developer competition to create new clock faces for the Lenovo Smart Clock using Google’s cross-platform Flutter SDK. Today, the winners were announced, showcasing not only the developers’ capabilities but also those of Flutter.

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Lenovo Smart Clock Stories December 10, 2019

One of the more notable Smart Display announcements at this year’s CES was the Lenovo Smart Clock. Its latest software update allows the Assistant smart device to create contextual “Impromptu” alarm ringtones by leveraging machine learning.

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Lenovo Smart Clock Stories November 18, 2019

Flutter launches developer competition to create clock faces for Lenovo smart displays

Over the last year, Google’s supremely cross-platform app development framework Flutter has expanded to both web apps and even smart displays like the Nest Hub. To encourage developers to think more about smart displays, Google’s Flutter and Assistant teams and Lenovo have launched a competition centered on creating a smart display clock face.

Lenovo Smart Clock Stories August 22, 2019

Google Assistant picked up a new form factor earlier this year with the tiny and adorable Lenovo Smart Clock, and now that product is getting a welcome update. Starting this week, the Lenovo Smart Clock will be able to display your photos and keep a conversation going without constant “Hey Google” commands.

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Lenovo Smart Clock Stories June 3, 2019

Google Assistant is available on devices of all shapes and sizes, with plenty of different places you can use it. As far as smaller devices go, though, there are two main options with the Google Nest Hub and Lenovo Smart Clock. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look.

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