Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories March 28

The best camera in any situation is the one you have with you, and most of the time, that’s the camera on your smartphone. That’s why, over the past few years, mobile photography has become a crucial part of flagship smartphones, and the results are often incredible. But who has the best smartphone camera on Android? In “Shot for Shot,” we’ll let your eyes be the judge.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories March 10

One key point of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series is its ability to charge at a whopping 45W, far faster than most mainstream flagship phones today. However, an analysis of charging speeds on the Galaxy S22 series suggests that 45W input doesn’t actually provide a benefit compared to less powerful adapters.

Update 3/10: This article has been updated to include a new test with differing methodology. Scroll down for more.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories March 8

Where to find the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra in stock

This year, Samsung released the Galaxy S22 series, which consists of the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra – all fantastic devices in their own respects. Unfortunately, chip shortages are still a thing, and it doesn’t help that the S22 series is in seriously high demand. This guide will help you find the device you want and figure out where it’s in stock.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 28

It’s been quite obvious for the better part of two years now that Samsung is killing the Galaxy Note name, but the company has officially put the final nail in the coffin, fully confirming that the iconic brand is dead.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 24

Samsung has been in a bit of a rut for the past few years when it comes to its smartphone lineup, with each successive Galaxy S flagship struggling to beat or even match previous entries. However, it seems the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 have struck a chord with buyers, as Samsung says pre-orders have broken records.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 23

Galaxy S22 series doesn’t support eSIM on Google Fi, may be coming in a ‘future update’

The Galaxy S22 ships with its eSIM feature enabled in the United States, and that’s good news for Google Fi, as a coming update will allow the carrier to work without a physical card on Samsung’s latest flagships.

[Update: Fix coming] Galaxy S22 Ultra owners report display issues, limited to Exynos models

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 lineup is being delivered to its first buyers this week, with early pre-orders being delivered around the world. However, some Galaxy S22 Ultra owners are seeing their shiny new phone exhibit a strange display issue.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 22

Samsung ‘Expert RAW’ camera app will be available on these devices

Samsung’s camera app has some features for both the novice and the advanced user, but the Galaxy S22 helped usher in a new “Expert RAW” camera experience. Now, Samsung has confirmed an expansion of the Expert RAW app to more devices.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 18

Between shortages and shipping delays, it’s no surprise when newly released products have long shipping times. However, just days ahead of their formal release, the shipping dates for Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 series are slipping quickly.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 17

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series was a beloved lineup thanks to its standout feature, the S Pen. The brand officially died as of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but Samsung wasn’t finished with its features. The Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 both adopted S Pens, and this year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is the Note reborn under a new name.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 16

eSIM has the convenient ability to get you connected to a network quickly and without any additional hardware. Just sign into an account, and you’re good to go. However, only Google and Apple have really pushed this technology with Pixel and iPhone, but Samsung has been hesitant to really go all-in on the feature. Now, with the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung is making eSIM available out of the box.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 15

Smartphone cameras have come to a point where it’s genuinely hard to find a truly terrible camera in today’s market, leading to differentiators being relatively small. As I’ve been using Samsung’s latest devices, I’ve really come to value the live HDR that Google’s Pixel devices offer.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 14

Here’s where to pre-order the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra

Supply lines are more strained than ever and it’s affecting manufacturers around the world, including Samsung. That means if you want to buy an S22 or S22 Ultra, your safest bet is to pre-order the latest in Samsung’s Galaxy S line. Here’s where to find the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra in stock for pre-order.

Connectivity is perhaps one of the most important parts of a smartphone, and as the landscape evolves with new 5G tech and more, it’s always interesting to see who reigns supreme. After the last major Android flagship, the Pixel 6 was a bit lacking when it came to connectivity, and it’s nice to see that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is reaching even further for rock-solid networking.

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Android updates are getting faster and more regular, especially on Samsung devices. However, Samsung still hasn’t adopted Android’s faster and safer “Seamless Updates” feature that was introduced years ago, and the Galaxy S22 keeps up the streak.

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Messaging on Android has been a mess for years, but the tide is finally changing. With Google Messages bringing enhanced RCS messaging to virtually any Android user that wants it, there’s finally a “default.” Now, RCS is getting a big boost as Samsung has finally adopted Google Messages as its default app in the United States.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 10

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a Note by another name, but its most unique design aspect is easily the five circular camera-related cutouts on the back of the device. In a new ad, Samsung is fully embracing how that design reminds one of a spider.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stories February 9

The Pixel 6 ushers in a new era for Google with a new chip under the hood that enables focused performance, specialized software, and longer updates. However, Google’s promise has already been dwarfed by the Galaxy S22, and Samsung isn’t even using special chips there. Google has no excuses left for limiting the Pixel 6 to only three major Android updates.

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Galaxy S22 pre-orders are crashing Samsung’s online store, preventing orders for some

There’s a fair bit to get excited about with the Galaxy S22 series, including just the fact that prices didn’t go up. However, quite a few people are having trouble submitting pre-orders on for the Galaxy S22, as the site is crashing.

Samsung’s latest flagship phones have arrived, with the Galaxy S22 and S22+ delivering moderate upgrades and the Galaxy S22 Ultra the Note reincarnate. You’ve probably learned a lot about these phones from our coverage, but surely there are a few more things you want to know. With nearly a month until it starts shipping, what are you biggest questions about the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra?

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Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series made its debut today, bringing with it a revival of the Galaxy Note in spirit. There’s a lot to know about these new devices, but here are a few little tidbits you might have missed, including where Samsung is actually using recycled materials on the Galaxy S22.

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After spending a very brief time with the entire Samsung Galaxy S22 series – including the Ultra – my overriding feeling is that we have reached “peak” Samsung smartphone.

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