TikTok Stories January 12

As Google encourages Android developers to update their apps for large-screen form factors, the Play Store today is highlighting TikTok’s new landscape mode for tablets.

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TikTok Stories January 10

TikTok fixed a security hole in its Android app that bypassed two-factor authentication [Video]

A vulnerability has just been disclosed in the TikTok app for Android, as well as TikTok on the web which made it relatively easy to bypass two-factor authentication entirely.

TikTok Stories September 2, 2022

Google touts TikTok Android app improvements like faster launch, smoother UI & playback

In a case study, the Android Developer Relations team today detailed recent improvements and optimizations made to TikTok for Android.

TikTok Stories December 24, 2021

The viral hit TikTok has basically taken over the internet during the past two years, and now there are stats to back it up. According to a new report, TikTok was a more popular domain than Google over the course of 2021.

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TikTok Stories November 22, 2021

TikTok is now available on Google TV, Android TV devices in the US and Canada

The short-form video app and global phenomenon TikTok is expanding further on Google TV and Android TV, bringing the app to users in the US and Canada.

TikTok Stories July 6, 2021

It’s not just you, TikTok is currently experiencing an outage, making videos unavailable [Update: Back up]

As of Tuesday afternoon, TikTok has been experiencing an outage, with the app telling users to “connect to the internet.”

Update: After being down for nearly six hours, TikTok is back online.

TikTok Stories February 4, 2021

Over the past year, TikTok has taken the world by storm with addictive content that you can sink hours into. Now, it’s even easier to spend too much time on the platform. TikTok is coming to Android TV.

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TikTok Stories September 18, 2020

TikTok and WeChat banned in the US, stripped from app stores soon

This morning, the US Commerce Department has officially announced that it will ban two massively popular applications in the United States — TikTok and WeChat.

TikTok Stories August 21, 2020

Report: Alphabet considered TikTok investment as part of group bid

TikTok is currently looking for a buyer before the November 12th deadline imposed by President Trump. The social media service will be banned unless there’s an acquisition, and many companies from Microsoft and Oracle to Twitter have been rumored to be in the running. A new report today says that Alphabet looked into making a TikTok investment as part of a broader group bid.

TikTok Stories August 11, 2020

Report: TikTok used loophole to collect MAC addresses on Android

At the start of this month, President Trump announced that the US would “close down” TikTok on September 15 unless it was acquired. Data privacy and security concerns have always shrouded the app, and a new report reveals one particular loophole that TikTok exploited on Android to collect MAC addresses. 

TikTok Stories July 31, 2020

Earlier today, it emerged that President Trump was reportedly planning to order ByteDance to divest TikTok, with Microsoft in talks to acquire. The US is now going further and plans to ban the social network from operating in the US as soon as tomorrow. Meanwhile, he is against a possible Microsoft spinoff.

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TikTok Stories July 9, 2020

[Update: Fixed] TikTok likes and views disappear following talk of US ban, fix on the way

Over the last few years, and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic gave many of us a lot more free time, TikTok has become one of the leading social media apps worldwide. Today, following talk of the United States officially banning the service, likes and view counts have disappeared from the TikTok app, but a fix is on the way.

TikTok Stories June 29, 2020

India bans nearly 60 apps developed in China including TikTok, WeChat

In a press release today, a huge ban was announced on dozens of major apps — including the massively popular TikTok social network — that originate in China amid a bigger feud between India and China.

TikTok Stories May 27, 2020

Google has removed millions of negative reviews of short-form video-sharing app TikTok, after brigading by disgruntled Indian fans.

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TikTok Stories July 29, 2019

The company behind TikTok confirms it will make its own smartphone

TikTok is the latest social media platform taking the world by storm, and this week, it’s been confirmed that the company behind that platform is going to be making its own smartphone.

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