Vizio Stories January 7

Vizio has integrated Chromecast into its TVs for quite a while now, and thanks to Google Home speakers, that means you can easily cast content up to the big screen. Now, at CES 2019, the company is announcing the latest version of its SmartCast platform, this time with deeper Google Assistant controls.

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Vizio Stories April 25, 2017

VIZIO is no stranger to the world of Google Cast, with the company offering multiple speakers and TVs with the functionality built-in. Now, VIZIO is back at it with a new soundbar that offers up Chromecast built-in for an affordable price, along with Google Assistant compatibility.

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Vizio Stories February 28, 2017


Vizio has today announced a new lineup of SmartCast E-Series TVs, all including Chromecast built-in (Google Cast) functionality. The highlights of this collection are the absolutely massive 4K HDR options, but there’s something here for everyone who’s interested…

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Vizio Stories January 18, 2017


One of Google Home’s greatest strengths is its ability to cast content from YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, Netflix, and more to a TV or set of speakers just using your voice. However, that functionality can be just a little bit touchy at times, not always working on every device. Now, Vizio has announced that its collection of SmartCast products are all now compatible with Google Home.

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Vizio Stories September 7, 2016


Today Vizio has announced a new selection of home speakers with integrated Google Cast, the SmartCast Crave 360 and the SmartCast Crave Pro. These new speakers are designed as potential competition to Sonos (and others), offering multi-room functionality and more…

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Vizio Stories March 22, 2016


To reflect the recent expansion of its Google Cast streaming platform, Google’s Chromecast app is being renamed to the “Google Cast” app. Google is also announcing some new Google Cast-enabled speakers and TVs from Vizio.  expand full story

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