Mystery Motorola phone running Android L caught on video


Motorola Mobility’s ownership may be stuck in regulatory limbo, but the soon to be Lenovo-owned company definitely has some handsets in its pipeline. This time around we’re looking at an unidentified Motorola device that appears to running Android L. Allegedly running on Verizon’s network, the still shots of this smartphone reveal that it’s larger than a Nexus 5, which packs a 4.95-inch display.

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Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi more than doubles sales as it begins international expansion


Samsung, HTC and Motorola are likely to be looking a little nervously over their shoulders as Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi more than doubled its year-on-year sales. The company announced (via TNW) that it sold 26.1M phones in the first half of this year, more than it sold in the whole of 2013.

These are impressive sales for a company which sold its first smartphone just three years ago, and whose sales were initially limited to China. Its growth has been fuelled by expansion into Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philipines, with the company now eyeing up Latin America as its next market …  Read more

Motorola unveils the winner of its Moto 360 face-off design contest

Moto 360 Design Faceoff Winner

Last month, Motorola announced that it was accepting design submissions for watch faces for its Moto 360 smartwatch. We showed you some of the best and most interesting submissions last month, as well, but today, Motorola has finally announced the winner of its contest. In a blog post, Motorola announced that out of the 1,300 submitted designs, David Pascual’s watch face was deemed the best. You can see his design at the top of this page.

Motorola says that Pascual wins one of the very first Moto 360s and the chance for his design to be featured on the watch when it ships. It’s unclear exactly what Pascual has to do for his design to be featured on the watch, but we’re guessing there’s some sort of licensing.

You can view all of the Moto 360 watch face designs on Google+. The Moto 360 is slated to go on sale later this summer.

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New press render shows what could be the Moto X+1, possibly to be unveiled at I/O

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.55.09 AM

We’ve been hearing quite a bit  recently about the upcoming Moto X+1, which is expected to be Motorola’s next flagship smartphone. Now, 9to5Google has received what appears to be a promotional render for what is said to be that device from a source we consider reliable.

While a lot of information has already been leaked about this phone, one new feature revealed by this source is the apparent inclusion of a front-facing speaker at the bottom of the phone, though the purpose for that hardware (beyond possible music playback or speakerphone support) is still uncertain.

The source says it’s possible this phone will be revealed at Google’s I/O developer conference. If that’s the case, it would make sense for promotional images to start floating around about this time as the company prepares to unveil the next-gen device.

We’ve also gotten our hands on two separate images from a second render from the same source which is embedded below:

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