Hands on with the Moto X Pure Edition Android phone [Video]

The Moto X Style — called Moto X Pure Edition in the US — phones we got to play with at the end of today’s event were obviously very pure Android and with their much larger displays and heavy batteries very much reminiscent of the Nexus 6 that I’m carrying around. The one big and important difference is the Sony 21MP shooter on the back that in limited testing makes all the difference.

Having used an LG G4 for the past month as my daily, the Moto X and G for that matter are substantial in their heft. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it will be noticeable.  The very vanilla Android 5.1.1 experience is exactly what you’d expect – very Nexus 6-y and speedy.


For me, there are 2 questions that remain: Is the camera as good as is being touted and is the weight worth the extra battery life. Stay tuned, we’l have answers soon.

Speaking of that we’ve got our Moto G and our “headgear” (moto-surround and moto-pulse)  which we’ll be reviewing over the next week or so.

Overall, a strong showing from Motorola and with the hint of more to come this year an exciting time for the Lenovo subsidiary.

3rd generation Moto G gets unboxed early, comes with 2 swappable back covers


Motorola has at least a few major announcements scheduled for tomorrow, but it looks like there aren’t going to be many surprises when it comes to the new Moto G. We’ve seen almost a dozen leaks already (including renders, more renders, real photos, more real photos, and even more real photos), but now we have what is essentially a full reveal. The packaging is in another language, but this unboxing is probably the clearest look we’ve had yet at what the company is going to be showing off tomorrow… Read more

Moto G expected to launch July 29th with Moto Maker in stores

moto maker

A new report claims that Motorola will be launching its next budget-friendly Moto in stores on July 29th, just one day after its launch event. But that’s not the most exciting part of the story. If the leaked retail memos are genuine, customers will be able to walk in to stores and order their personalized Moto Maker device from a physical, brick-and-mortar store… Read more

New leaked images likely show the upcoming 2015 Moto X in the flesh [Gallery]

Update: We now have a really attractive new render showing the device in white and gold, too…

Motorola has not had any success keeping its handsets a secret this year. We’ve seen half a dozen leaks of the company’s upcoming 2015 Moto G, and now — thanks to Android Peru on Facebook — we have yet another look at a device that purports to be the company’s upcoming Moto X. Previous leaks have been very sketchy, but these appear to be as legit as it gets. In fact, we had our hands on a prototype Nexus 6 last year, and it had identifying barcodes and labels almost identical to the ones seen in these pictures… Read more

Leaked 3rd gen Moto G dummy unit confirms IPX7 certification, 2470 mAh battery, more


As Motorola’s July 28th event draws near, more and more leaked images and renders of the upcoming Motorola handset refreshes continue to hit the Internet. This time we’re getting a look at leaked images (via MobileSyrup) of what is assumably a 3rd gen Moto G display dummy unit, and there just so happens to be a sticker affixed that confirms some previously rumored specifications of the device… Read more

Newly leaked renders almost certainly show the 2015 Moto G in the flesh

The Moto G is set to get a refresh sometime over the next couple of months, likely alongside the company’s flagship Moto X. We first saw some leaked shots of this Moto G (2015) a couple of weeks ago, but that was a sketchy (and blurry) barely-lit picture taken with a potato. Now, we have our first look (via TechnoBuffalo) at what look to be PR renders of the refreshed budget handset…

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