Hands-on with the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live (Video)


Android Wear devices are finally here and the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are the first two available, arriving just before the Moto 360′s release later this summer. These two Android Wear smartwatches pave the way for similar devices in the future and set somewhat of a standard that can be improved upon.

Today we’re taking a closer look at both smartwatches, but if you’d like to see a comparison between the two, be sure to check out our previous article here or our initial Android Wear review. Meanwhile, let’s pop open these boxes and go hands-on with the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. Check out our video overview below.

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Paid apps cannot be installed on Android Wear devices due to Play Store encryption bug

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As more and more Android Wear devices start to trickle out to the public, a somewhat major bug has been discovered by the folks at Android Police. According to users of the G Watch and Gear Live, there is currently no way to install paid apps onto the devices. Normally, Android Wear apps are installed to the watch from the user’s phone, via Bluetooth. Apps that cost money, however, are not installing on Android Wear devices.

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Trello organization app now available for Android Wear


Fog Creek Software announced today that its organization app Trello is now available for Android Wear. If you’re unfamiliar with this software, it’s pretty much a live whiteboard that uses task cards to help groups keep track of who’s doing what when working on project. To bring this powerful tool to your new smartwatch, just update to the latest version of Trello for Android on your smartphone and the app will automatically install on your wearable.

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Android Wear battle: LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live (Video)

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Recently at Google I/O 2014, LG and Samsung launched their new Android Wear smartwatches. The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are available now on the Google Play Store, but which one should you buy? Both devices have differences and similarities and today we’re taking a quick look at all of them. Check out our comparison video below for a closer look…

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Asus is reportedly working on a budget-friendly smartwatch powered by Android Wear


Attendees at Google I/O are busy pawing smartwatches made by LG, Motorola and Samsung, but obviously there are other companies ready to jump on the Android Wear bandwagon. One of the firms currently drafting up a plan is Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus, which will release a smartwatch sometime this fall, according to TechCrunch. Powered by Android Wear, the high-tech timepiece will reportedly feature an AMOLED display and ship with a price tag between $100 and $150.

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