In this week’s top stories: Huawei solicited over a hundred fake Mate 10 Pro reviews, Google removed the ‘view image’ button from Google Images, and new rumors suggest a ‘dramatic redesign’ for Android P. We kick things off this week with news that Huawei has solicited over a hundred fake reviews for its new Mate 10 Pro. In a private Facebook group, the company is asking for positive Best Buy reviews in exchange for a chance to be one of a few “beta testers” of the phone. The phone is only up for pre-order so far, and yet 108 people have left glowing “reviews” of the phone on its Best Buy listing.

Also, Google has removed the “view image” button next to results in Google Images. The change is a result of a licensing deal made with Getty Images earlier this month. And a report from Bloomberg citing unnamed sources suggests that Android P will undergo a ‘dramatic redesign’. In addition to accommodating unique display types, it will also allow third party developers to integrate Google Assistant into their apps.

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