Google 3D Animals Stories June 3

What Android phones support ‘view in your space’ for Google 3D animals [Updated]

Two key parts make up the life-sized creatures that appear in Google Search. The first lets you see animals in 3D, while the second — and most delightful — is viewing them in your current space with the ability to take pictures. Here’s what iOS and Android devices support Google 3D animals.

Google 3D Animals Stories May 22

At its I/O conference in 2019, Google announced that it would be adding augmented reality objects to Search. Over the year since, Google has a bunch of 3D animals you can view in Google Search using AR — here’s the full list that we’re constantly updating.

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Google 3D Animals Stories May 8

In recent weeks, people have turned to virtual animals in Google Search to experience the outside world indoors. Google today is adding a 3D skeleton and other models, while revamping the AR viewer on Android.

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Google 3D Animals Stories April 25

Google 3D animals: How to record videos and take pictures w/ Android and iPhone

Google’s 3D animals have become a viral trend, but many people have been recording videos and taking pictures with them simply by taking screenshots or screen recordings. What you might not have realized, though, is that this feature has a built-in option for recording and taking pictures. Here’s how it works.

Google 3D Animals Stories April 24

You can now easily record Google 3D animals on Android 

Even before stay at home orders, AR objects in Google Search were already a fun way to bring the outside world indoors. A new feature rolling out to Android today lets you easily record Google 3D animals.

Google 3D Animals Stories April 14

Google has secured a Proggy 2020 (froggy… proggy… progress… get it?) award from PETA for its 3D animals augmented reality feature in Google Search, the non-profit announced today. PETA’s “Proggy” awards typically recognize people and brands that are helping to create a more humane world.

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