google design Stories June 30

Besides unveiling Material You, Google at I/O 2021 last month detailed how “GS Text” is the company’s new font and beginning to appear in more first-party applications. Google Sans Text is now in use by the Phone app on Android. 

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google design Stories June 21

Google today opened submissions for the 2021 Material Design Awards. Now in its seventh year, the company is looking for apps with great dark theme, large screen, and motion implementations.

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google design Stories June 4

Jon Wiley announced today that he is leaving Google after a nearly 15-year career. The designer played a big role in unifying the company’s design language at the start of the last decade.

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google design Stories May 19

At the “What’s new in Material Design” session this morning, Google shared that its apps are starting to use Google Sans Text. We’ve seen it pop up in some products already, but the company at I/O 2021 better detailed the font.

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google design Stories May 18

“Material You” is Google’s “radical new way to think about design.” It’s a hyper-personalized approach to designing custom appearances for apps and other interfaces that adapts to users, starting on Android.

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google design Stories March 2

Given how “typography and iconography are so strongly related,” Google Fonts is adding Material icons and getting a new logo in the process.

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google design Stories December 21, 2020

Material Gallery collaborative app migrating to Google Photos storage, quota

Material Gallery is essentially Google Slides for designers wanting to upload mockups and screenshots for collaborative feedback. Google is now moving Material Gallery’s backend to Google Photos early next year.

google design Stories June 15, 2020

Since 2015, Google has hosted the Material Design Awards to “showcase the flexibility and capability of the Material Design system.” Nominations for the 2020 Material Design Awards are now open with Google focusing on more straightforward themes for the sixth edition.

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google design Stories October 10, 2019

This year marks the fifth edition of Google Design’s effort to highlight “best-in-class designs from our community.” Announced at SPAN in Brooklyn, the 2019 Material Design Award winners are Ruff, Reflectly, Scripts, and

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google design Stories July 30, 2019

Now in its fifth edition, Google is taking nominations for the 2019 Material Design Awards. There are four categories with self-nominations again accepted, with the company looking for “best-in-class designs from our community.”

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google design Stories June 27, 2019

Over the past several months, many Google apps have adopted dark themes with the Google app and Gmail likely coming next. Google today detailed how the teams behind Photos, Calendar, and other first-party services designed their dark modes.

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google design Stories October 31, 2018

Back in August, Google opened up nominations for the 2018 Material Design Awards. Three months later, the four winners have been unveiled with all leveraging the new Material Theming platform announced at Google I/O.

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google design Stories August 2, 2018

At I/O 2018, Google announced Material Theming and what’s next for its design language. The company’s apps are in the process of being revamped, while third-parties have already begun to take advantage of the new framework. To recognize “best-in-class designs,” Google today opened nominations for the 2018 Material Design Awards.

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google design Stories July 11, 2017

In addition to opening sign-ups for the Indie Games Festival today, Google is now taking nominations for the 2017 Material Design Awards. A more open selection process this year will look at Material experiences on both iOS and the web.

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google design Stories December 15, 2016


After expanding Material Design to encompass design and prototyping tools, a new suite of modular and customizable UI components will make it easier to design apps in accordance with Google’s guidelines. Material Components will help developers implement Material Design on Android, iOS, and the web, with a preview now live on GitHub.

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google design Stories October 26, 2016


Material Design was announced in 2014 as a cohesive design language for both first and third party web and mobile apps. Google is now expanding Material to be a “system that supports the principles of good design and strengthens communication and productivity” with a new suite of tools and open source projects (via The Verge).

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google design Stories October 6, 2016


Five years ago Google set out on an ambitious project to create a font family that encompasses the 800 languages and 110,000 characters found in the Unicode standard. Now available under open source, Noto’s aim is to get rid of the blank boxes that commonly appear when a computer or website isn’t able to display text.

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google design Stories February 23, 2016

Google releases Resizer web tool to test Material Design at various resolutions

The Material Design Guidelines are considered a living document by Google’s designers and receive constant updates and new additions. To help with their recent guidelines on responsive UI, Google has released a web-based tool to see what a website looks like on various devices and at different resolutions.

google design Stories January 2, 2012

Millions of Google search page views will soon promote Google services under revamped trial design

Google launched a revamped homepage, but it is still in the trial phase and only a limited number of users have access to the new design. Meanwhile, some experts and lawmakers are claiming Google’s recent face lift intends to promote more of the company’s businesses without cluttering the homepage. The website’s redesign has undergone various […]

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