HBO Max Stories April 23

What’s on Google TV: Netflix loses subscribers following price hikes, blames password sharing

This was an awful week to be Netflix, as the company announced its first ever quarter with a subscriber loss, and more to come following continues price hikes. In an effort to reverse that, Netflix also has plans to adopt an ad-supported plan, and crack down on password sharing. Read on for more about Netflix and the rest of what’s on Google TV.

HBO Max Stories April 16

What’s on Google TV: Stranger Things 4 trailer, HBO Max takes #3 slot in streaming wars

This week Netflix released the first trailer for Stranger Things 4, the next season of the acclaimed show, while HBO Max reportedly earned the third slot in the streaming wars. Here’s what you need to know.

HBO Max Stories April 14

HBO Max launched amid the pandemic with a great library and the perk of same-day theatrical releases for a while, but it was notorious for slow performance and bugs. Now, as its revamped app has been made available on Android TV, Apple TV, and elsewhere, HBO Max is owning up to that rough start.

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HBO Max Stories March 12

In streaming news this week, Netflix remains adamant that it has no plans to launch an ad-supported pricing tier as other platforms have, and Disney+ released the long-anticipated first look at its Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

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HBO Max Stories July 20, 2021

The Chromecast with Google TV launched last year with a special bundle offer that delivered six months of Netflix access and the device for a cut cost, and now a similar offer is launching with HBO Max.

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HBO Max Stories June 2, 2021

HBO Max debuts ad-supported $9.99/month tier, no theatrical releases, downloads, or 4K

After teasing it for a few months, HBO Max has just debuted its more affordable, ad-supported streaming tier that costs $9.99 per month.

HBO Max Stories April 29, 2021

HBO Max to launch $9.99/mo ad-supported tier without same-day movie releases [Updated]

Despite being less than a year old, HBO Max has quickly become one of the most important streaming services on the market, thanks to an extensive content library and same-day movie releases this year. This week, WarnerMedia revealed that a more affordable, ad-supported HBO Max tier will be coming soon.

HBO Max Stories February 26, 2021

Before its debut on Roku and Fire TV, Google’s Android TV platform was one of the few ways to access HBO Max. Now, HBO Max is getting an update for Android TV that brings back the “restart” button and fixes some issues on the new Chromecast with Google TV.

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HBO Max Stories December 24, 2020

HBO Max won’t play ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ w/ Dolby Atmos on Chromecast with Google TV

Ahead of its release in theaters and through streaming tomorrow, HBO Max is confirming details on how you’ll be able to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on the new Chromecast with Google TV. Unfortunately, that lacks support for Dolby Atmos.

HBO Max Stories June 18, 2020

The mobile app for Google Play Movies has a handy feature that monitors other streaming services to see if a movie or TV show you’re about to buy is already available for viewing. Now, Google Play Movies has added the latest streaming juggernaut, HBO Max, to its watch directory.

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HBO Max Stories May 28, 2020

A handy trick of Google Assistant is its ability to cast content from various video services to any nearby Chromecast device. For a while, HBO supported Google Assistant integration, but with the debut of HBO Max, that casting option has not only disappeared, but there’s no replacement yet.

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HBO Max Stories May 27, 2020

Following an announcement earlier this year, YouTube TV has today opened up access to HBO, Cinemax, and HBO Max through your current subscription.

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HBO Max is now available for Android phones, Chromecast, Android TV, and more

Streaming TV has become incredibly popular over the past few years, with service after service hitting the web. Today, the latest major offering has landed in the form of HBO Max, a service with thousands of hours of content, original programming, and more, and it’s available now on Android, Chromecast, Android TV, and other platforms.

HBO Max Stories April 29, 2020

HBO Max is poised to be one of the most expensive streaming services to hit the market, but it’s going to pack a punch. Today, WarnerMedia has confirmed that HBO Max will be available on Android, Chromecast, and Android TV under a deal with Google.

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