Rick Osterloh Stories August 2, 2021

Google sharing some details on Tensor, its “first custom-built SoC,” was as important as today’s tease of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. In an interview, Rick Osterloh was asked about Google Tensor in the context of AR, and the hardware boss shared some rare thoughts on smart glasses.

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Rick Osterloh Stories May 4, 2020

Rick Osterloh shares screenshot likely from Pixel 4a, complete with hole-punch

Following the recent release of the Google Pixel Buds, our attention now turns back to Google’s next upcoming device, the mid-range Pixel 4a. Today, we may have gotten a small sneak peek at using the Google Pixel 4a thanks to a screenshot from their senior VP of hardware, Rick Osterloh.

Rick Osterloh Stories June 20, 2019

Google this afternoon confirmed that it abandoned two in-development tablets that would have followed 2018’s Pixel Slate. Hardware head Rick Osterloh reiterated the new sole focus on laptops but also added that the rest of Google is still committed to Chrome OS tablets from partners.

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Rick Osterloh Stories May 3, 2019

Ahead of hardware announcements at I/O 2019, the Made by Google division was shrouded by poor Pixel 3 sales in Q1 2019. Rick Osterloh in an interview discussed what’s happening to the premium smartphone market, and shared his outlook on the company’s failed products and future outlook.

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Rick Osterloh Stories March 18, 2019

Google tomorrow will present the “future of gaming” at GDC 2019, with Project Yeti rumored to feature hardware. Ahead of that keynote, Made by Google appears to have expanded its purview to include “Services,” according to several new job titles.

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Rick Osterloh Stories February 27, 2018

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Google launched ARCore and highlighted how it supports 100 million Android devices. However, the company is also looking beyond phone-based augmented reality according to Rick Osterloh. In an interview, Google’s hardware head noted ongoing research, but no imminent products.

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Rick Osterloh Stories April 28, 2016


A recent Lenovo reshuffle saw long time Motorola head Rick Osterloh leave Motorola. Now, Google (via Re/Code) has confirmed that it just hired Osterloh to lead a new hardware division that encompasses such product lines as Nexus, ATAP, and even Google Glass…

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