Google Pixel 4a Stories June 25

Google’s upcoming mid-range phone was listed by French retailers over the weekend. Today, the Pixel 4a passed through the FCC in the latest step toward launch.

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Google Pixel 4a Stories June 21

Specification and design-wise, everything about the Pixel 4a is known at this point. The question everyone is asking of Google’s next mid-range phone is when it will launch, with two French retailers today providing a little bit more information about the Pixel 4a.

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Google Pixel 4a Stories June 3

Google’s Pixel lineup has been on Verizon Wireless since day one, and the upcoming Pixel 4a was expected to do the same. However, the device has been delayed recently and probably won’t be coming out until at least July, but a Verizon changelog references the Pixel 4a like it’s already on the market.

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Google Pixel 4a Stories June 2

Google Pixel 4a pops up in compatibility list for ‘StopCovid’ contact-tracing app

It’s been a whirlwind following Google’s Pixel 4a, with the device having numerous leaks, and apparently, a heavily delayed release date. Now, the launch of a contact-tracing app in France has once again leaked the Pixel 4a, this time showing it in the compatibility list of the StopCovid app.

Google Pixel 4a Stories May 28

Unlike all other Made by Google phones, the Pixel 4a will only be available in one size when it launches. Google, unsurprisingly, prototyped a larger model that happened to leak last month. Now, thanks to pictures provided to us, we have a glimpse of what the Pixel 4a XL could have been.

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Google Pixel 4a Stories May 21

Google Pixel 4a apparently won’t launch until July at the earliest

We exhaustively detailed the Google Pixel 4a in a report in April, and at the time, we thought the phone was perhaps weeks away from seeing an official announcement. Now, a pair of new launch date rumors on Twitter suggest that the phone won’t launch until July, and might not be available until August…

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