SwiftKey Stories November 2, 2021

The ability to share your copy/paste clipboard between your phone and computer is a neat trick, but one that’s not always been very easy on Android devices. In its latest update, Microsoft has just granted the ability to sync your clipboard across Windows and Android, thanks to SwiftKey.

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SwiftKey Stories October 26, 2020

Swiftkey on Android may gain Windows 10 clipboard sync feature

Although Swiftkey might not be the most popular or most used Android keyboard, a neat new clipboard sync between your smartphone and Windows 10 PC is in the works.

SwiftKey Stories October 13, 2020

SwiftKey beta can now follow your Android system theme

While likely not the powerhouse keyboard it once was, the latest SwiftKey is still a solid third-party keyboard. It has improved yet again as the SwiftKey beta is now able to follow your device system theme automatically thanks to the latest beta update.

SwiftKey Stories May 21, 2020

Third-party keyboards have been a part of Android for years now, and SwiftKey has been a popular option from what feels like the beginning. Microsoft acquired SwiftKey back in 2016 for $250 million and, now, the app is getting a rebrand.

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SwiftKey Stories July 5, 2019

SwiftKey beta adds AR-powered Animoji clone to all Android phones

While SwiftKey isn’t as popular as it once was, the third-party keyboard for Android is still a big hitter with a massive number of people that use it. The Microsoft-owned app has now added AR-powered ‘Puppets’ or Animoji that can be used on all Android phones.

SwiftKey Stories June 27, 2019

Google removing Swiftkey access to Gmail unless it complies with data policies

If you use the incredibly popular third-party keyboard Swiftkey on your Android phone or tablet, prepare to be disappointed in future as Google looks to be removing Gmail access to Swiftkey in early July.

SwiftKey Stories January 18, 2019

SwiftKey for Android reveals performance improvements, 50% lag reduction as update lets you remove Bing button

SwiftKey has been one of the most popular third-party keyboard options over the past several years on Android, and this week the company is revealing some big stats for the product. Over the past year, SwiftKey has been working on a lot of updates, including a reduction in lag by over 50%.

SwiftKey Stories March 15, 2018

Major update to SwiftKey Android keyboard brings new toolbar, customizable stickers, and more

SwiftKey today is releasing a major update to its Android keyboard app that offers up some of the biggest changes since its Microsoft acquisition back in 2016. These include a new toolbar to replace the old hub, editable stickers, and more new features promised.

SwiftKey Stories November 30, 2016

SwiftKey for Android updated with Clipboard, Incognito Mode, new shortcuts [Updated]

Update: SwiftKey has also made all themes free in this latest update for users on Android and iOS.

SwiftKey is a popular choice for many Android users when it comes to a third-party keyboard, and for good reason. The excellent gesture typing and predictions on SwiftKey make it a fantastic option, and now, it’s getting even better with a big new update.

SwiftKey Stories September 16, 2016

SwiftKey 6 - Themes

SwiftKey launched its Neural Alpha keyboard in October of last year, and today — almost a year later — the company is introducing neural network-powered word predictions to its namesake main app. This means better word predictions and autocorrect, since the app now better understands the context of what you’re trying to say…

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SwiftKey Stories August 30, 2016

Keyboard Tutorial

One of the oldest features that made Android stand out compared to the competition in its younger days was the fact that users could install third-party keyboards. While this wasn’t a huge thing for most people, it did lend itself to those who enjoyed Android for its customization features. In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through finding and setting up a 3rd party keyboard on any Android device…

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SwiftKey Stories February 2, 2016

SwiftKey 6 - Themes

The Financial Times is reporting that Microsoft has purchased popular third-party keyboard maker SwiftKey for $250 million. While SwiftKey is most known for their predictive keyboard, the acquisition is more of an artificial intelligence play for Microsoft.

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SwiftKey Stories January 22, 2016

SwiftKey Stats brings signature emoji, your most-used topics to beta Android app

SwiftKey has updated the beta version of its popular keyboard app to include in-depth, personalized and visualized stats for all its users. Using SwiftKey Stats in the SwiftKey beta app for Android you can now see more than just the usual set of statistics. It looks at your typing habits, and brings you a pretty fun look at your most-used emoji, topics and more.

  • Topics – 3-5 different subjects you type about the most. We created a bunch of fun, diverse categories to show you some of the topics you love to talk about – from Art & Design to Comics and everything inbetween.
  • Top Emoji – the emoji you use most often. This is a cloud-like visualization of the emoji you use the most – the bigger the emoji in the ‘cloud’, the more you use it.
  • Signature Emoji – the emoji you use more than other people. This emoji is generated by the emoji you overuse compared to the average (this is not the emoji you use most often).
  • Vocabulary Size – how many words has SwiftKey learned from you? This number starts at zero when you install – find out how much your personal SwiftKey vocabulary has grown!

If you’re intrigued and want to try it for yourself, you can download the beta for free from the Play Store. Once installed, go through the set-up process and then sign in to your account. As soon as you start typing, the app starts collecting information and will be able to give you your stats.

SwiftKey Stories December 10, 2015


SwiftKey is no stranger to releasing innovative communication products. In fact, its original keyboard for Android (at time of launch) was arguably the smartest and best virtual keyboard for word prediction and customization. The app it launched this week has potential to be even more innovative, even if only a small percentage of people actually use it. SwiftKey Symbols has been designed to help people on the Autistic Spectrum, particularly non-verbal people, to communicate using images to build phrases…

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SwiftKey Stories November 12, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, SwiftKey brought a number of new features to its beta app for Android. Perhaps the biggest on the usability side was the addition of double-word predictions. With this improvement, users can select two words at once which SwiftKey predicts are coming next. This feature — along with many others — has been added to the public SwiftKey 6 app…

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SwiftKey Stories October 8, 2015


If you thought SwiftKey for Android was already smart and intuitive, you’ll be excited to know the company has just finished working on a product which it claims is even smarter. SwiftKey Neural Alpha has made its way to the Google Play Store, and instead of using word frequency calculators (n-gram model) to predict your next words, it’s more contextually aware of the sentence you’re typing…

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SwiftKey Stories August 26, 2015

Nuance Communications is today releasing an updated version of its popular Swype Keyboard for Android, “the world’s most powerful keyboard,” which includes an all-new Swype Store with additional premium themes as well as an emoji keyboard. Swype is a popular alternative to the default Android keyboard due in part to its many customization options, like the ability to change the keyboard’s overall layout, key sizes, and a bunch more. expand full story

SwiftKey Stories April 27, 2015


SwiftKey today announced and released its first app part of a new initiative called the SwiftKey Greenhouse. The company wants to do some experimenting with new software, and they want to make a place “where [they] can seed ideas and help them grow.” The new initiative is off to a good start, as I’ve found out, because its first project—called Clarity—is a great, unique new attempt at a mobile keyboard… expand full story

SwiftKey Stories April 23, 2015

SwiftKey is one of the most popular third-party keyboards across both iOS and Android, and the company today released the latest beta version of its Android app. The app’s main functionality hasn’t changed, but this update brings a completely redesigned options menu—and I think it suits the keyboard pretty well… expand full story

SwiftKey Stories February 9, 2015


OnePlus told us in December that the One would be getting MaxxAudio—which will supposedly improve sound performance—in a future update, and that update to the phone’s software has finally arrived. But today’s update also packs a plethora of other features that users of the One will greatly appreciate, and as the company told us would be happening, the update includes the addition of SwiftKey as a default keyboard as well.

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SwiftKey Stories February 4, 2015

OnePlus and Cyanogen put SwiftKey on the One by default

In the spirit of bloatware—which oddly goes against basically everything the company stands for—OnePlus has decided that SwiftKey is an absolute necessity for every user of its One smartphone. The company has partnered with SwiftKey to bake the keyboard right in, and says users won’t have to download anything (besides the next update to the phone’s OS) to switch over.

OnePlus has collaborated with SwiftKey to integrate their top-selling keyboard app right into CyanogenMod 11S. OnePlus One users can now switch to the SwiftKey keyboard with the touch of a button – no downloading required.

The keyboard is coming as part of this month’s OTA update to CyanogenMod 11S, and after installing the update, users can head over to the Language and Input menu in settings to select SwiftKey.

Sure, this isn’t the update many would be hoping to hear about for the One, but the company also left us a little hint at the bottom of this blog post. “We’ve got something pretty sweet for you very soon,” it says, teasing the company’s plans to update the One to Lollipop.

The company also told us recently about its custom OxygenOS ROM, which the company says will further it’s goal of bringing a “bold, powerful, straightforward experience” to owners of OnePlus devices.

SwiftKey Stories December 11, 2014

SwiftKey updated with five new festive themes in time for the holidays

The popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey for Android has been updated today with minor performance enhancements and five new festive themes in time for the holiday season. The update arrives less than a month after the last major version of SwiftKey was seeded with faster performance and several new languages. The update should be rolling out on the Play Store now.

SwiftKey Stories December 2, 2014

SwiftKey enables Stephen Hawking to communicate twice as fast

SwiftKey announced on Tuesday that it has collaborated with Intel on an ambitious project for the past two years: improving the communication system of Stephen Hawking. The custom keyboard maker makes it easier for the well-known scientist, who has motor neurone disease, to predict full words, based on a small sensor activated by a muscle in his cheek.

SwiftKey Stories November 20, 2014

SwiftKey Android Lollipop Material Design

Just weeks after receiving a Material Design makeover for Android Lollipop, the popular custom keyboard SwiftKey for Android has been updated with performance improvements and support for twelve new languages. The latest version of SwiftKey for Android is available now through the Play Store as a free update. expand full story

SwiftKey Stories October 23, 2014

SwiftKey gets Android Lollipop treatment with two new Material Design themes

Users of the popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey will be glad to hear that two new Material Design themes are now available for the keyboard ahead of the upcoming release of Android Lollipop. The two new themes, based on Google’s new Material Design guidelines, are named Material Dark and Material Light and available through the SwiftKey Store today.

SwiftKey Stories July 29, 2014


SwiftKey received an update today that resolves some of the keyboard app’s recent performance issues. According to the software’s changelog, users should experience improved typing, loading times, translations, and several other bug fixes for glitches that caused force closes. In addition to some much needed technical improvements, SwiftKey announced the availability of five new themes: Spotlight Purple, Edge Green, Pulse Yellow, Pulse Pink and Hazy Pink.  If you’re interested in upgrading the look and feel of your keyboard, the outfit is holding a special summer sale that discounts prices on select themes by up to 33 percent.

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SwiftKey Stories July 23, 2014

Fleksy 3.0 - Ocean Blue

Flesky, a popular third-party keyboard option for Android, is rolling out version 3.0 that brings a refreshed user-interface design, new premium features, and more languages. Fleksy makes typing on smartphones quicker using a combination of advanced text prediction and an iOS QuickType-like function for predicting the next complete word in a sentence.

Today’s refreshed design brings clearer letters and new color tones. Besides the included color variations, users of the paid version of Fleshy from Google Play will be able to purchase additional themes through the keyboard’s settings. There will be six paid themes, and paid Fleksy users will receive one premium download at no cost. Fleksy is also bringing 17 new languages out of beta and enhancing the 40 previously available languages.

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SwiftKey Stories June 11, 2014


SwiftKey may be working on an iOS version of its popular input app, but its roots are with Android. Aware of this, the smart keyboard’s Android variant is now free to download from Google Play. Without a doubt one of the better input options for mobile devices, this is almost an irresistible option for anyone looking looking to replace their device’s stock keyboard.

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SwiftKey Stories November 6, 2013

Swiftkey updates user favorite keyboard software, introduces “layouts for living”

Oh hi new Swiftkey update, the Android keyboard that I love so much I’d download it twice. The developer just alerted customers that a new version of the software is now available on the Play Store and “rethinks how you interact with your keyboard.” The newly update keyboard software introduces “Layouts for living” which allows you to “undock” Swiftkey “from your screen, resize it and present it in a compact, split thumb-typing or regular style.”

The company hopes the new features will allow you to get more from your mobile devices, “regardless of the context you’re typing in.” The new edition is now available to download in Google Play and is a free update for existing users. The new version gives you access to three keyboard layouts, all of which can be resized, and undocked and positioned where you choose on your screen.

The three new keyboard layouts:

  • Compact: On many larger phones it can be difficult to enter text and hold the phone with just one hand. This new feature reduces the width of the keyboard and allows for easier typing with one hand or gesture typing using SwiftKey Flow. It also frees up more of the screen estate on tablets. You can switch it from the left or right side of the screen
  • Thumb: For those who like typing on tablets in landscape or wide phones, the keyboard can be split into two areas, enabling fast, comfortable typing with both thumbs. Undock it from the base of the screen for even more flexibility
  • Full: The traditional full-width keyboard is still available and users with tablets can opt for an extended layout that is similar to the presentation of a physical keyboard. This layout has left and right cursor keys and the backspace is positioned above the enter key, making it easier to type with two hands when not holding your tablet]

As well as the new layouts, SwiftKey 4.3 also includes:

  • Choose from 5 sizes to get your keyboard the perfect size for you
  • Undock your keyboard and position it where you choose on your screen
  • Rearranged and optimized secondary (123) and tertiary (symbols) layout, based on extensive user testing
  • A new theme: previously SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet had two different themes called “Dark”. Both are now available on phones and tablets, with the tablet “Dark” renamed as “Forest”
  • Extended layout for tablets, including left and right cursor keys
  • All 4 cursor keys (up, down, left, right) are now available on the secondary (123) layout on tablets – phone users can still choose to have cursor keys on the main layout
  • 10-inch tablets can choose to have a central numpad in the thumb layout in landscape
  • Combined phone and tablet app to give a seamless experience across all device sizes

SwiftKey Stories August 30, 2013

Top Android Apps go FREE: Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, Shazam, PAC-MAN & many more

From 9to5Toys.com:

We have some solid Android game/app deals today as part of Amazon’s Free App of the Day Greatest Hits deals. The deal brings some solid titles like Cut the Rope, SwiftKey, Angry Birds and Shazam Encore, all for free.

Android: Cut the Rope: FREE (Reg. $1) Android: SwiftKey: FREE (Reg. $4) Android: Angry Birds: FREE (Reg. $1) Android: Shazam Encore: FREE (Reg. $5) Android: World of Goo: FREE (Reg. $3) Android: CalenGoo: FREE (Reg. $3) Android: Jamie Oliver’s 20-Minute Meals: FREE(Reg. $8) Android: Paper Camera: FREE (Reg. $2) Android: Sprinkle: FREE (Reg. $2) Android: Drawing Pad: FREE (Reg. $2) Kindle: PAC-MAN HD: FREE (Kindle Edition)

SwiftKey Stories April 24, 2013


Swype, the predictive keyboard that allows you to simply leave your finger on the touchscreen keyboard and swipe from letter to letter, has finally arrived in the Google Play store – but only after Jelly Bean was released, with its built-in Swype-alike Gesture Typing … expand full story

SwiftKey Stories August 16, 2011

Firefox 6 was officially released on the desktop today, and along with it comes Firefox Mobile 6.0 for Android. The 6.0 browser offers a great alternative to Android’s stock browser and other browsers like Opera. Full release notes: (via Pocketnow)

1. Higher-quality image rendering and smoother zooming 2. First wave of optimizations for tablets and large-screen devices 3. Improved interaction with touch-optimized sites (e.g Google Maps, games) 4. Improved form helper 5. Visual refresh for phones running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) 6. Continued performance and memory management enhancements


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