Zoom Stories November 26, 2022

Zoom finally defaults to its Progressive Web App on Chromebooks

Zoom for Chromebooks started off without many of the features as the same experience on Windows and other platforms but finally caught up thanks to the debut of its Progressive Web App (PWA) last year. Now, Zoom finally defaults to the PWA on Chromebooks.

Zoom Stories October 26, 2022

Following Cloud Next 2022 earlier this month, Google Meet is getting two more announcements focused on enterprise video calling hardware, including how these dedicated cameras will run Android. 

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Zoom Stories September 9, 2022

As video calling apps have become essential to getting modern work done, ChromeOS is preparing to enhance those apps with background blur and other helpful tools.

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Zoom Stories June 16, 2022

Two things saw explosive growth in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic: Chromebooks and Zoom. Now, the video-calling app is shutting down its previous Chromebook app to make way for something better.

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Zoom Stories April 25, 2022

Zoom app for Chromebooks gains better virtual background support, more

Zoom launched its revamped Chromebook app last year with some big upgrades, but it was still a limited experience compared to other platforms. As a part of its latest updates, the Zoom PWA for Chromebook app has picked up better support for virtual background options and more.

Zoom Stories November 24, 2021

Zoom will bring ‘Gallery View’ back to its PWA on dual-core Chromebooks in December

Earlier this week we reported that Zoom was starting to cut off its original Chrome OS app, leaving Chromebook owners with a new PWA that unexpectedly pulled Gallery View support for many. Now, we can confirm that Zoom intends to bring this feature back in the coming weeks.

Video conferencing app Zoom exploded in popularity during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and remains quite popular to this day. To better serve its Chrome OS users, Zoom announced earlier this year that it would launch a new Progressive Web App(PWA) that has since launched in beta with some new features. In recent weeks, Zoom has discontinued the functionality of its original Chrome OS extension, leaving users only with the PWA, which is experiencing multiple issues.

This post has been updated after publication for clarify and to reflect information from Zoom.

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Zoom Stories June 29, 2021

Zoom became a household name in 2020 as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. It was clear pretty quickly, though, that the company wasn’t fully prepared for the massive influx of customers as security flaws and missing features quickly became evident. This week, over a year into the pandemic that’s made video calls more important than ever, Zoom is debuting its new PWA that enhances its functionality on the web and, specifically, on Chromebooks.

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Zoom Stories June 26, 2021

Video conferencing exploded in popularity during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the early days as many businesses and schools went remote for the safety of employees and students. Zoom was the biggest name in the game for quite a while and still is extremely popular, but if you’ve ever used it on a Chromebook, you’re probably aware that it’s not quite up to snuff. Next week, though, that’s apparently set to change.

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Zoom Stories February 4, 2021

Remote learning today involves a lot of video calls, and Google is working to improve Meet, as well as Zoom, performance on Chromebooks. Efforts are focused on boosting program efficiencies and making live optimizations.

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Zoom Stories December 14, 2020

After being announced in August, Zoom video conferencing is now making its way to the Nest Hub Max. This is just a preview with some technical and geographic caveats for the initial release.

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Zoom Stories October 26, 2020

Zoom for Android can now livestream to YouTube, but only after you enable it

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become an incredibly popular tool for businesses and people alike. In the latest version of its Android app, Zoom has enabled users to livestream to YouTube, but it takes a few settings to work.

Zoom Stories September 23, 2020

Zoom has thrived as a video conferencing app this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the platform is occasionally adding new features for its users. This week, Zoom for Android has been updated with some new features and fixes including virtual background support!

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Zoom Stories August 24, 2020

Zoom is down this morning, so here’s how to start a Google Meet call

During the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing has become more popular and important than ever before. Zoom has become the go-to service for video calling with groups, but on the morning of August 24th the service was hit with a massive outage, going down for users across the globe. While we wait for things to be fixed, here’s how to start a Google Meet call.

Zoom Stories August 19, 2020

Back in June, Google brought Duo and Meet group calls to the Nest Hub Max. Now Zoom will soon be available on Google Assistant Smart Displays later this year.

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Zoom Stories August 6, 2020

Zoom for Android adds dark mode support, new reactions, improved chat support

Video conferencing is in high demand these days and Zoom has been one of the most popular options. Now, Zoom’s Android app is being updated with dark mode support, more reactions, and a few other tweaks.

Zoom Stories April 29, 2020

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Google has pushed a lot of resources into improving its Meet — formerly Hangouts Meet — video calling service. Today, Google Meet has gone free for everyone, but it’s still missing one of the biggest features that made Zoom so popular.

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Zoom Stories April 25, 2020

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom has skyrocketed to mainstream popularity with hundreds of millions of users added in the past couple of months. Google Meet, on the other hand, hasn’t seen anything near Zoom’s success. To twist the knife, a Google Meet call with thousands of the company’s employees was recently presented with an executive’s son praising the competing service.

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Zoom Stories April 22, 2020

With everyone — including students of all ages — working from home, video conferencing apps like Zoom have become essential parts of daily life. However, the Chromebooks that many students have handy were hindered by not being able to install the Chrome extension for either Zoom or Hangouts, but that has just changed.

Update 4/22: Even more extensions are coming soon to Chromebooks with Family Link.

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Zoom Stories April 8, 2020

Google bans employees from installing Zoom on work computers

With the rise of video conferencing over the past several weeks, Zoom has seen an explosion in both usage and cultural awareness. That surge has coincided with rising security concerns, and Google is now the latest organization to ban its employees from installing Zoom.

Zoom Stories March 18, 2020

Zoom’s Android app bombarded w/ negative reviews during coronavirus pandemic

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, video conferencing is seeing a surge in popularity, and understandably, some services are struggling to keep up as a result. Zoom is currently one of the most popular options around, and as a result of service issues and other factors, the app’s Play Store rating has been filled with negative reviews.

Zoom Stories February 11, 2015

Google brings smooth Safari-like zoom to Chrome Canary for Mac

The latest build of Chrome Canary for Mac packs a great new feature that’s likely familiar to those who use Safari on a daily basis. While current stable builds of Chrome have a jaggedy pinch-to-zoom functionality that only zooms in 10% increments, the latest build of Chrome Canary provides a smooth buttery zoom experience like Apple’s browser.

As of right now, it looks like the feature works a little bit less fluidly than Apple’s offering, but that’s to expected in the most experimental public release version of Chrome. Zooming works the same way that it does in Safari and current versions of Chrome, so all it takes is pinching two fingers on the Trackpad.

If you’re sticking with Safari on your Mac for this reason or others (battery life, anyone?), it looks like this feature—once it makes its way to the stable release—will give you one more reason to switch over to Google’s browser. If you want to give it a try, head over and download the latest build of Chrome Canary.

Zoom Stories April 3, 2014

Galaxy-S5-Zoom-K-ZoomEarlier this month some specs that looked a lot like a next-generation Galaxy Zoom camera phone device— a followup to last year’s Galaxy S4 Zoom— appeared in benchmark results. Today we get what might be our first look at the device with a new leaked image that popped up today on a sketchy looking blog that was discovered by PhoneArena.

While it does appear to be a next-generation Galaxy Zoom, the blog that leaked the image is referring to it as the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Perhaps Samsung has plans to change up branding this time around or we could still be looking at a codename of sorts.

The leaker also confirms the previously leaked specs, which include a much thinner and lighter design, a 20MP shooter, 10x zoom, NFC, Android 4.4.2, a 1280×720 4.8-inch display, 2GB of RAM and a Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa CPU. The image also shows what looks a lot like the faux-leather material that Samsung has used on a lot of its recent Galaxy devices like the Note 3 expand full story

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