Dell Stories January 13

Dell has refreshed the popular Chromebook 3100 lineup to add LTE connectivity, making the entry-level devices a solid option for at-home learning or learning on the go.

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Dell Stories August 26, 2019

Chrome OS has made vast inroads into schools around the world. Many of the operating system’s advantages also translate to the business space, and Google is today making hardware adoption easier with Chromebook Enterprise and the first Dell Latitude Chromebooks.

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Dell Stories August 29, 2018

One of my personal favorite Chromebooks ever was the Dell Chromebook 13. It was a premium machine that was a spectacular alternative to Google’s Chromebook Pixel. Since then, though, Dell has mostly focused on low-end Chromebooks. Today at IFA though, Dell is announcing a new premium Chromebook.

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Dell Stories January 25, 2017

Dell launches trio of new Chromebooks starting at $219 [Update]

2017 is looking up for Chrome OS with a renewed focus on education, the expansion of Android apps, and tons of new hardware. Just this month we’ve seen the debut of new ‘flagship’ Chromebooks from ASUS and Samsung, as well as new models from the likes of Acer. Today, though, Dell is stepping in with three brand new Chromebooks, all designed for the education market.

Dell Stories June 30, 2016


Dell has never been huge in the Android tablet market, but today it admitted defeat — the company has just revealed (via PCWorld) that they will no longer be selling Android tablets. The tablets never sold very well and as its 2-in-1 Windows tablet business picks up, it only makes sense that the company put to rest the Android-powered devices that mostly played the background.

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Dell Stories December 17, 2015

dell-chromebook-13-lead Of all the Chromebooks that were announced this year, it was the new Dell Chromebook 13 range that caught our eye. Unlike most Chromebooks, it’s not really low-end and cheap, but’s also not quite as extraordinarily priced as the Chromebook Pixel. It sits somewhere in between, right in no-man’s land. The cheapest model will set you back $429, while the most expensive is around $650 currently. In the UK, prices range from £484 to £856

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