diversity Stories June 14

Google today published its 2018 annual report on diversity in a year that saw the hiring of new chief diversity & inclusion officer, as well as an “anti-diversity” document by a now ex-employee. In 2017, diveristy at Google only increased minimally compared to the year prior.

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diversity Stories December 7, 2017

Google today launched a new initiative to bring more inclusivity into mobile gaming. “Change the Game” conducted interesting research into how women play and the real-world effects that a gender gap has on games. In turn, Google is planning diversity programs, partnerships, and research throughout 2018, starting by highlighting games on the Play Store.

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diversity Stories August 11, 2017

The latest fallout over the Googler-written anti-diversity document took place yesterday as a company-wide meeting was canceled over online harassment and doxxing fears. While Sundar Pichai did not get to express his thoughts at that event, later on in the evening he addressed a coding event for girls hosted at the Googleplex and reached out to reaffirm their place at Google.

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diversity Stories August 10, 2017

Coinciding with Monday’s firing of the Googler behind the anti-diversity document, Sundar Pichai announced an all-hands meeting set for today. The Town Hall on gender, expression, and other issues was abruptly canceled this afternoon over fears of online harassment.

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diversity Stories August 7, 2017

The author of the viral anti-diversity document has been fired from Google and comes after Sundar Pichai’s first address on the issue. Following statements over the weekend from the VP of Diversity and others at the company, Google CEO Sundar Pichai penned a memo to employees that surfaced today. It notes that portions of the anti-diversity document violate Google’s Code of Conduct, with the CEO returning from vacation to hold a town hall later this week.

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diversity Stories August 5, 2017

In light of an employee-written document speaking out against equality and other similar initiatives at the company, Google has issued several responses. The first was made yesterday by their VP of Engineering and the second comes from the VP of Diversity, with both refuting the document.

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