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Google Corporate Stories August 7

The author of the viral anti-diversity document has been fired from Google and comes after Sundar Pichai’s first address on the issue. Following statements over the weekend from the VP of Diversity and others at the company, Google CEO Sundar Pichai penned a memo to employees that surfaced today. It notes that portions of the anti-diversity document violate Google’s Code of Conduct, with the CEO returning from vacation to hold a town hall later this week.

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Google Corporate Stories August 5

In light of an employee-written document speaking out against equality and other similar initiatives at the company, Google has issued several responses. The first was made yesterday by their VP of Engineering and the second comes from the VP of Diversity, with both refuting the document.

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In recent years, Silicon Valley has made strides towards improving gender and racial diversity, but it is still not the industry’s strong suit. Reflecting how issues are still present is a document circling within Google that decries and calls for an end to the company’s equality efforts. This manifesto of sorts has gone “internally viral,” with many employees now awaiting Google’s response.

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Google Corporate Stories July 24

Ahead of Q2 2017 earnings this afternoon, Alphabet has announced that Sundar Pichai is joining its board of directors. This move gives Google — the key revenue maker — a second seat on the now 13 member committee responsible for overseeing the sprawling Alphabet conglomerate.

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Google Corporate Stories July 18

Along with other tech companies, Google regularly posts Transparency Reports detailing government requests for user data and content removals. Since 2010, the report has expanded in scope and coverage, but Google is today updating the design to make it more accessible.

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Google Corporate Stories February 27

Update 3/10: The Mountain View City Council approved the Charleston East project earlier this week. Work on the new Google building will begin in April and will approximately take two years.

Back in 2015, Google shared its vision for a radical Mountain View campus that incorporated lightweight, movable structures. The company revised its concept after a roadblock, leading to a more modest building. Last month, the company shared its latest plans, with new images and more details about the tent-like structure.

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