Google Feed Stories September 24, 2018

For the past several months, Google has been experimenting with a redesign to the Google Feed. Following reports last week of a rebrand, Google today confirmed that it’s now called “Google Discover” and is coming to the mobile web, along with a slew of other new features.

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Google Feed Stories September 20, 2018

Earlier this year, Google debuted AMP stories to compete with similar formats popularized by Snapchat and also found in Instagram. First appearing in Google Search, they are now available in the Google Feed on Android.

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Google Feed Stories September 19, 2018

Over the past several months, Google has been testing various tweaks to the Google Feed on Android. These design changes could now be accompanied by a complete rebrand of the feature to “Discover.”

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Google Feed Stories September 8, 2018

Starting with Android 8.0 on the Pixel 2, Google introduced a device dark theme that was dependent on your wallpaper. This themed the Pixel Launcher, app list, Quick Settings, and the Google Feed. However, for the latter, this only darkened the background. Google is now A/B testing a true dark mode that’s applied to the entire interface.

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Google Feed Stories July 16, 2018

The Google Material Theme is coming to more and more products as seen with Android P DP4 and Google Maps just last month. This new look is now being tested in one aspect of the Google app, while a related redesign of the Google Feed is more widely rolling out.

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Google Feed Stories June 5, 2018

The Google Feed with bottom bar design only recently arrived on Android tablets

While the tablet section of eventually returned, the incident did little to restore people’s confidence about the state of large screened Android devices. It took nearly a year for Assistant to arrive on tablets, while only recently did the Google app finally gain the proper Google Feed.

Google Feed Stories June 4, 2018

In recent weeks, the Google Feed has tested topic bubbles with a redesign that results in a ton of empty space, while some users have begun to see ads. Neither of those updates have widely rolled out, but this evening the Google app is introducing new dedicated topic pages.

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Google Feed Stories May 24, 2018

It’s no secret that Google supports itself primarily off of ads, but with Android, the operating system is pretty clear of ads. It’s only when you browse the web or open an app that you might see something. This might change soon, though, as several users have spotted ads in the Google Feed.

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Google Feed Stories April 19, 2018

A day doesn’t go by without a new Google UI tweak is making its way to a handful of users, and today, we’re getting a look at a fresh new design for the Google Feed. It looks terrible.

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Google Feed Stories February 7, 2018

About a year ago, the Google app for Android and iOS added a carousel of shortcuts just underneath the Search bar. Highlighting Search’s various built-in capabilities, Google announced this week that the shortcuts are being removed.

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Google Feed Stories February 1, 2018

Google app testing a ‘Feed’ shortcut on the search bar widget

Last year, we spotted the Google app testing a customizable search bar that was only ever rolled out to a small set of users. In the meantime, the Google app is testing another tweak that adds a new shortcut to the Google Feed.

Google Feed Stories January 12, 2018

Pixel Launcher’s Google Feed tests dropping the search bar for a logo

Earlier this week, we spotted Google testing a redesigned search bar for the Google Feed on the Pixel Launcher. It appears that Google is A/B testing another design in parallel as today we’ve encountered an entirely different design.

Google Feed Stories January 9, 2018

Google Feed on the Pixel Launcher testing redesigned search bar

To the left of the homescreen on the Pixel Launcher is a specialized version of the Google Feed with a minimal search bar, Upcoming shortcut, and transparent design that supports the dark theme in Android 8.1. Google now appears to be A/B testing a new search bar for this screen.

Google Feed Stories November 10, 2017

Last week, Google Search began rolling out a redesign that rounded the UI of its mobile website. Today, that same redesign is more widely rolling out to Android, along with deeper changes to how the full app looks and operates.

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Google Feed Stories October 31, 2017

On the eve of Google’s October 4th event, we were able to enable a redesigned Google Feed that featured numerous rounded UI elements, a new bottom bar, and removed navigation drawer. Following last night’s release of version 7.15 of the Google app, it appears that this new design is beginning to rollout for some.

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Google Feed Stories October 30, 2017

With the rollout of the Google Feed over the summer, the overflow menu on cards became more important. Namely, it was the primary way to customize the Feed and housed the basic ability to swipe away cards. This evening, Google is more widely rolling out a redesign that switches to a bottom sheet for that menu.

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Google Feed Stories September 7, 2017

On July 9, 2012, Google officially released Google Now with the launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Along with the introduction of the famous “Ok, Google” voice commands, this also saw the release of Google Now cards. Google rebranded these cards as Google Feed earlier this summer, and today, Google is launching Feed outside of the United States so that more people than ever can access and use it.

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Google Feed Stories August 16, 2017

Over the past month, some Pixel users began noticing a transparent Google Feed to the left of their homescreen. Over the past few days, Google has been more widely rolling out the redesigned interface, with many users now seeing the new design this evening.

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Google Feed Stories July 28, 2017

Action Launcher is one of our favorite options for customizing the Android homescreen, and today, it’s getting a massive update that brings some highly requested features to all. With version 26 of Action Launcher, developer Chris Lacy introduces support for Google’s Feed (formerly known as Google Now) without root, as well as the addition of several features pulled out of Android O.

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Google Feed Stories July 23, 2017

For several months now, the Google app has had some issues consistently rolling out new features on Android. It appears that those issues are still present and apply to the recently redesigned Google Feed.

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Google Feed has a ‘Recent’ tab to help users locate past searches [Update]

Update: We are aware that Google began rolling out the “Recent” feature about three months ago. This post is to let users know that the Recent tab has been added directly into the new Google Feed.

Google’s new and improved Feed is still slowly making its way out to Android devices but those who do have it, have noticed a new “Recent” tab. Now, instead of scrolling through your never ending web history, this tab will help you locate a previous Google search and let you jump right back in where you left off…

Google Feed Stories July 20, 2017

Update: In a statement, Google tells us that they hope to rollout “some version of the feed experience” to the mobile web. However, there are no plans to bring the Feed to the desktop. Their full comment is below.

Google yesterday announced a revamp of the Feed, formerly Google Now, that focuses on delivering smarter, more contextual information that is better personalized. Limited to mobile for the moment, one report today notes that Google is bringing the Feed to the web.

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Google Feed Stories July 19, 2017

Google Now has long been the center of the mobile search experience, offering relevant information as well as things you’re interested in. Over the past few months, Google Now has been angling itself more and more towards content and interests, and today, Google has announced that Google Now, at least the name, is being replaced with the “Feed.”

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