Google Feed Stories Yesterday

Over the past several months, Google has been testing various tweaks to the Google Feed on Android. These design changes could now be accompanied by a complete rebrand of the feature to “Discover.”

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Google Feed Stories September 8

Starting with Android 8.0 on the Pixel 2, Google introduced a device dark theme that was dependent on your wallpaper. This themed the Pixel Launcher, app list, Quick Settings, and the Google Feed. However, for the latter, this only darkened the background. Google is now A/B testing a true dark mode that’s applied to the entire interface.

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Google Feed Stories July 16

The Google Material Theme is coming to more and more products as seen with Android P DP4 and Google Maps just last month. This new look is now being tested in one aspect of the Google app, while a related redesign of the Google Feed is more widely rolling out.

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Google Feed Stories June 5

The Google Feed with bottom bar design only recently arrived on Android tablets

While the tablet section of eventually returned, the incident did little to restore people’s confidence about the state of large screened Android devices. It took nearly a year for Assistant to arrive on tablets, while only recently did the Google app finally gain the proper Google Feed.

Google Feed Stories June 4

In recent weeks, the Google Feed has tested topic bubbles with a redesign that results in a ton of empty space, while some users have begun to see ads. Neither of those updates have widely rolled out, but this evening the Google app is introducing new dedicated topic pages.

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Google Feed Stories May 24

It’s no secret that Google supports itself primarily off of ads, but with Android, the operating system is pretty clear of ads. It’s only when you browse the web or open an app that you might see something. This might change soon, though, as several users have spotted ads in the Google Feed.

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