Daydream View Stories November 17, 2017

The second generation Daydream View headset is now shipping to South Korea

Alongside the release of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL smartphones, Google unveiled an updated and slightly redesigned Daydream View headset. The biggest differences compared to last year’s model are added heat venting features and the ability to remove the top head strap.

Daydream View Stories November 16, 2017

Incipio Carrying Case for Daydream View pops up in the Google Store, because why not

Google’s Daydream VR platform is pretty sweet and is the only way to take advantage of it is a Daydream View VR headset. Now, for some reason, Incipio is producing a carrying case for the Daydream View.

Daydream View Stories October 4, 2017

Google today announced its latest round of hardware, and in addition to new phones, Homes, and laptops, the company showed off a new generation of its Daydream View VR headset. This was one of the more minor announcements of the day, but it definitely wasn’t nothing.

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Alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google announced a whole slew of new products. These include a new premium Chromebook called the Pixelbook, two new Google Homes, Assistant-powered Bluetooth headphones, and more. Below are all of the places currently selling the search giant’s latest products…

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At I/O 2017, Google announced a big update to their virtual reality platform codenamed Euphrates. Daydream 2.0 is launching this fall alongside a redesigned Daydream View headset from Google.

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Daydream View Stories October 3, 2017

In addition to the Pixel 2 and a Home Mini, Google is expected to announce a high-end convertible Chromebook with a stylus called the “Pixelbook.” Thanks to a reseller inventory page we exclusively found this morning, we now have a few more details about its specs. In addition, Google is also working on another mysterious device called “Clips.”

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Daydream View Stories October 2, 2017

It’s been almost exactly one year since Google held its first “Made by Google” event, featuring the first wave of products out of Google’s newly-found seriousness about hardware. This year we’re expecting refreshes for lots of products that debuted for the first time last year, and perhaps a few exciting surprises as well… expand full story

Daydream View Stories September 19, 2017

Google’s mobile VR platform Daydream has grown a lot over the past year, but the hardware hasn’t changed at all. Google’s Daydream View has been the only option, and it’s definitely not perfect. Now, it looks like Google is planning to refresh it at the upcoming October 4th event.

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Daydream View Stories June 12, 2017

Daydream View launches in India, available starting today

With Daydream set to get a big update this fall with version 2.0 Euphrates, Google is today launching its View headset in India. Paralleling the slow rollout of Daydream-ready phones, View’s availability has been somewhat lagging internationally.

Daydream View Stories May 17, 2017

Not long after a report from Variety yesterday suggested that Google will be showing off a new standalone VR headset at this year’s I/O developer conference, a tipster for Android Police has spotted a trademark at the USPTO that might be related to such an announcement…

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Daydream View Stories March 13, 2017

New Google VR job listings could point to new hardware in the pipeline

Google’s efforts in VR have been fairly extensive, but I wouldn’t call any of them particularly impressive. Google Cardboard is widespread and simple, while Daydream VR is intuitive, comfortable, and provides one of the best VR experiences on mobile. New job listings, though, might point to Google having something else up its sleeve…

Daydream View Stories March 7, 2017

Google has today made some replacement facepads available for its Daydream View VR headset. You can pick them up right now on the Google Store for $15.

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Daydream View Stories December 23, 2016


Google released a lot of hardware products this year, and personally, the Google Pixel is my favorite. But that’s not all Google introduced. There was also the Chromecast Ultra, the Daydream View VR headset, Google Wifi, and Google Home. It’s safe to say that if there’s a Google fan in your life, you’ve had plenty of options to pick from this holiday season.

And while it may just be a couple days until Christmas, a few of these options might still be up for grabs if you’re looking to run out to a brick-and-mortar store at the last second…

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Daydream View Stories December 8, 2016


Over the last month, we have seen applications such as YouTube and Hulu gain support and add features for Google’s virtual reality platform, Daydream. Today, Google is expanding Daydream’s platform by introducing 10 new applications including both HBO GO and NOW, Netflix, Need for Speed, and much more…

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Daydream View Stories December 1, 2016

‘Crimson’ and ‘Snow’ Daydream View headsets now available on Google Store, shipping Dec. 8

Google announced the Daydream View in three colors, but only had the Slate model available at launch. In time for the holidays and the end of year expiration date on the Pixel pre-order promotion, View is now available in Crimson and Snow.

Daydream View Stories November 14, 2016

PSA: Daydream View promos code are now going out for Pixel pre-orders

When the Pixel and Pixel XL first became available for pre-order, Google let U.S. customers know that they would also be eligible for a Daydream View VR headset free of charge. Now that most of those Pixel pre-orders have made their ways to customers, Google has started sending out promo codes to those customers.

Daydream View Stories November 12, 2016


In this week’s top stories: Our Google Daydream View review, the best affordable Android smartphones for November, renders of a bezel-less Meizu smartphone leak, we show you how to take full advantage of Google Assistant with IFTTT, and much more.

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Daydream View Stories November 10, 2016


Following the launch of the first VR-compatible phones with the Pixel and Pixel XL last month, the Daydream View headset is now available for purchase in multiple countries, both online and in stores. Those curious in trying Daydream can head to most Verizon stores to get a demo.

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Like many of you, I first heard of Google’s Daydream platform — then rumored to be called Android VR — back at Google I/O 2016. I had hope that Google would pull an actual VR headset out of a hat at its annual developer conference, but, unsurprisingly, that didn’t happen. I felt a bit let down when I learned that the company was rather going to double-down on Cardboard.

It seemed like a good idea in theory, but I was skeptical. Would smartphone-in-a-headset ever be a good enough experience for people to use VR for any longer than 10 minutes? Can phones handle captivating VR experiences? I’m still not completely sure, but having now spent a week with Daydream, I feel for now that the answer is going to be yes and no.

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Daydream View Stories November 9, 2016


With Google’s virtual reality headset available tomorrow, the Daydream app has just been published to the Play Store, along with a number of other first and third-party experiences. Additionally, the Android Compatibility Definition Document now lists the hardware requirements to be a Daydream-ready phone.

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Daydream View Stories November 1, 2016


Teased back at I/O 2016 and officially announced at the 10/4 event, Daydream View from Google is finally going on sale next week on November 10th. The launch will not be limited to the US, with the VR headset also available in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

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Daydream View Stories October 20, 2016

PSA: Daydream View VR headset and Chromecast Ultra now available for pre-order

When Google announced their brand new Pixel phones, they also unveiled the Daydream View — a VR headset that is compatible with the company’s Daydream VR platform — and the Chromecast Ultra — capable of streaming 4K content. Starting today, both products are available for pre-order.

Daydream View Stories October 5, 2016


While debuting the Daydream VR platform at I/O earlier this year, Google said that it was working on its own VR headset to accompany what would be the first Daydream-ready phones. On October 4th, Google showed off both the Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as Daydream View, its promised VR hardware…

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Daydream View Stories October 4, 2016


Google is trying really hard to change its image today, presenting itself as a renewed company that wants to personally tackle hardware end-to-end. However, there are some bad old habits that the Mountain View firm simply does not seem able to shake off…

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Google’s long rumored foray into virtual reality saw the company taking it relatively easy with its Cardboard efforts, but the company’s vision for VR goes much beyond that. In addition to Daydream, the VR platform announced back in May at its I/O conference, we now finally have an official announcement of its companion headset

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