Fast Pair Stories August 31

Jabra Elite series adopts Google Fast Pair, introduces Elite 3 from $79, Elite 7 w/ ANC

Jabra has just updated its lineup of truly wireless earbuds with another new series of options. Most important this year is the Jabra Elite 3, which comes in at a much more affordable $79 price.

Fast Pair Stories August 24

The OnePlus Buds series delivered two solid pairs of truly wireless earbuds last year that were great options for all Android users thanks to the addition of Google Fast Pair support. Now, though, the even-better OnePlus Buds Pro are on the horizon, but they ditch support for Google Fast Pair entirely.

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Fast Pair Stories July 30

Google continues work on officially bringing Fast Pair from Android to Chromebooks

Fast Pair allows Android users to easily connect Bluetooth headphones and accessories to all of their devices, but efforts to bring the feature to Chromebooks have been less than successful to date. It appears work is still under way, though.

Fast Pair Stories May 18

Google Fast Pair coming to BMW, Ford cars, and Beats headphones

With Fast Pair, Google made connecting Bluetooth accessories as simple as tapping a single button on your phone. At I/O 2021, Google provided an update on Fast Pair usage and announced support for new devices, including cars.

Fast Pair Stories April 13

Over the past few months, we’ve spotted a Fast Pair redesign when setting up Bluetooth devices on Android. After becoming widely available last month, Google made the revamp official today.

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Fast Pair Stories December 25, 2020

Depending on the earbuds, set up could be as simple as bringing the Bluetooth accessory near your Android phone. This is made possible by Fast Pair, which Google updated in recent weeks to take after iOS.

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Fast Pair Stories June 15, 2020

Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds support the same Fast Pair features as Google Pixel Buds

Google has offered up its Fast Pair standard for headphones on Android for a while now, but few companies have actually adopted it. Now, a few weeks after their launch, we’re reminded that Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds support Fast Pair on Android, just like Google’s Pixel Buds.

Fast Pair Stories April 27, 2020

At I/O 2019, Google quietly teased what’s new for Android’s user-friendly interface over Bluetooth. With the launch of the Pixel Buds this morning, the latest Fast Pair features were also detailed.

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Fast Pair Stories July 22, 2019

Fast Pair headphone sync appears to be working in Chrome OS 76

In late 2018, Google announced that its Fast Pair feature for headphones would not only work on Chrome OS, but would also sync your devices between Android and a Chromebook. Now, in the latest Chrome OS beta, it appears that Fast Pair is finally starting to work.

Fast Pair Stories July 19, 2019

At I/O 2019, Google quietly made a series of announcements to improve Bluetooth devices on Android. The company is now sharing a list of which third-party headphones will support Fast Pair’s new “True Wireless features,” Find My Device, and connected device details in Android Q.

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Fast Pair Stories May 17, 2019

With the death of the headphone jack, Bluetooth accessories are only becoming more important. Now, we’re learning that Google is putting some heavy emphasis on these accessories in Android Q with a revamped Bluetooth menu and some new features for Fast Pair.

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Fast Pair Stories May 9, 2019

The first Google Assistant headphones arrived in 2017 with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and Pixel Buds later that year. Several headphones from Sony and JBL have launched since then, while Google introduced new features like real-time translation. Qualcomm today announced Assistant and Fast Pair support in its Smart Headset chips that will make it easier for device makers to create Google-compatible headsets.

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Fast Pair Stories April 25, 2019

Here at 9to5Google, we’ve been closely monitoring the Google I/O 2019 sessions list, noting the various additions and changes Google makes almost every day. Last night, for example, the company added twelve “lightning talks” sessions, or 30 minutes of rapid-fire presentations on various related subjects, across two days of Google I/O. In these, we’ve found hints of things likely to be announced during the keynote, such as “Find My Accessories.”

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Fast Pair Stories November 27, 2018

Earlier this month, Google released a Fast Pair Validator app on the Play Store to help Bluetooth manufacturers support Android’s seamless Bluetooth pairing solution. Announced last year, Google is now adding device syncing for accessories and Chromebook support in 2019.

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Fast Pair Stories November 19, 2018

Google releases ‘Fast Pair Validator’ app for Bluetooth manufacturers on the Play Store

With the launch of Pixel Buds last year, Google announced “Fast Pair” as Android’s solution for seamless Bluetooth accessory pairing to phones. Headphones released in the past year that include Assistant often feature the solution, with Google last week releasing a “Fast Pair Validator” app for manufacturers implementing the functionality.

Fast Pair Stories October 31, 2017

When Google announced the Pixel Buds at the beginning of the month, we found out that the company had developed “Fast Pair” to painlessly connect your compatible headphones to your Android device. Thanks to a new blog post by Google, we now have more details on how this technique works…

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