OnePlus 6T Stories Today

One of the big releases we’re looking forward to going into the fall season is the OnePlus 6T. The phone is expected to change quite a bit from the OnePlus 6 before it, and today we’re getting a first look at the hardware.

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OnePlus 6T Stories September 17

The fall smartphone season is about to pick up in a huge way. After IFA and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 unveiling last month, we’re approaching several major releases in October including Google’s Pixel 3, a new device from OnePlus, and more. So, let’s take a closer look at everything coming in this busy month…

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OnePlus 6T Stories September 13

The OnePlus 6T is likely arriving within the next several weeks and ahead of its launch, OnePlus is already starting to tease some of the changes made to its next phone. Today, the company has confirmed in an interview that its next phone will ditch the headphone jack.

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OnePlus 6T Stories September 10

Last week a handful of new images teased some big changes incoming for the OnePlus 6T including a new fingerprint sensor embedded under the display. Today, OnePlus is officially confirming that feature for its next phone…

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OnePlus 6T Stories September 4

Thanks to its accelerated release schedule, we’re probably not far off from the debut of the OnePlus 6T despite the OnePlus 6 having just launched a couple of months ago. Now, a set of photos claims to show off the packaging for the OnePlus 6T which reveals some interesting details about the phone…

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OnePlus 6T Stories August 17

OnePlus has been growing a lot year by year, and its latest OnePlus 6 is the most popular device yet.  But given the company’s launch schedule, we’re not too far off from the OnePlus 6T, and today we’re getting some new details on that phone.

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