OnePlus 8T Stories October 19

OxygenOS rolls out for OnePlus 8T w/ Canvas AOD wallpaper, more

The OnePlus 8T has only just been unveiled, but its very first update is now rolling out in the form of OxygenOS

OnePlus 8T Stories October 15

Verizon skips the OnePlus 8T as T-Mobile gets a special variant

The OnePlus 8T arrived yesterday as the successor to the OnePlus 8 from earlier this year. However, this latest launch won’t be sold quite as widely. Verizon has confirmed it won’t be selling the OnePlus 8T, but T-Mobile is enhancing its version.

OnePlus 8T Stories October 14

OnePlus 8T gets a slick ‘Cyborg Cyan’ teardown-style case for $35 [Gallery]

The OnePlus 8T went official today with a couple of spec bumps, a new design, and Warp Charge 65. It’s a nice phone, but in my time with it, I’ve been more excited about the new “Cyborg Cyan” case for the OnePlus 8T.

For years, OnePlus phones have delivered exciting new features, affordable prices, and more. For 2020, that’s changed a bit. The OnePlus 8 series was significantly more expensive, but it finally brought some much-needed improvements. Now, we’ve got the OnePlus 8T, a redesigned and slightly improved version of this year’s less-exciting phone.

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After its biggest price jump in years with the OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus 8T has arrived with a new design, some upgraded specs, and a $749 price tag.

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OnePlus 8T Stories October 12

OnePlus 8T laid bare in real-life images showing not much we didn’t already know

OnePlus knows how to crank up the fan hype right ahead of launch, but even they can’t prevent leaks. The latest is a couple of real-life images of the OnePlus 8T laid bare, which actually show us very little we didn’t already know.

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