Pixel Stand Stories January 27

With the debut of the Pixel 3, Google launched a first-party wireless charger, the Pixel Stand. Three years later, that original charger still holds up and is now a better deal than its sequel, even for Pixel 6 owners. Here’s why.

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Pixel Stand Stories December 17, 2021

After a long wait since the official unveiling, the second-generation Pixel Stand 2nd Gen units are now finally arriving in the hands of early buyers. What’s in the box, and should you think about picking one up?

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Pixel Stand Stories October 12, 2020

The Google Pixel 5 is set to reach its first customers’ hands — outside of the US, anyway — later this week. Ahead of that launch, the Pixel Stand app has received an update, adding “Home controls” styled after Android 11’s power menu.

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Pixel Stand Stories November 8, 2019

Last year, Google launched the Pixel Stand as a wireless charging companion to the Pixel 3. A year later, however, we’re finding that the Pixel Stand is actually better suited to the Google Pixel 4.

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Pixel Stand Stories August 7, 2019

Android Q Beta 6: Pixel Stand UI updated with tweaked ambient view

Among the other various updates included with Android Q Beta 6, Google has also thrown in a minor update to the UI on the Pixel Stand, greatly simplifying the ambient experience.

Pixel Stand Stories May 9, 2019

With Android Q Beta 2 last month, the Pixel 3 stopped denoting wireless charging speed on the lockscreen. An update to the Pixel Stand companion app this week brings this altered indicator to the Google Assistant dock on devices running Android 9 Pie.

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Pixel Stand Stories September 26, 2018

We caught our first look at Google’s upcoming Pixel Stand accessory last week thanks to a leaked animation. Today, though, we’re getting the real deal as a fresh press render of the product has hit the web…

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Pixel Stand Stories September 21, 2018

We already know pretty much all there is to know about Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 smartphones, but there’s still a lot to learn about what else the company is bringing to its October 9th event. We’ve been keeping an eye on a device known as the “Pixel Stand” for a while, and in a fresh teardown, we’ve discovered a possible first look at the product.

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Pixel Stand Stories August 31, 2018

Last month, version 8.14 of the Google app revealed a “Pixel Stand” accessory that will likely be sold alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Leveraging the Google Assistant, it essentially turns the phone into a miniature Smart Display of sorts. Today, that interface has likely been revealed.

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Pixel Stand Stories July 28, 2018

While the design and renders of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL extensively leaked earlier this year, the majority of specifications and features are still unknown. One rumored capability is the addition of wireless charging, with the Google app today revealing a Pixel-branded accessory with Assistant features known as the “Pixel Stand.”

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