uBreakiFix Stories August 20

Google Pixel 4a can be repaired same-day at all uBreakiFix locations in the US

While the Pixel 4a’s plastic body should afford it a bit more durability than “glass sandwich” flagship phones, there’s still a chance it can break. Google is once again partnering with uBreakiFix to offer same-day repairs for the Pixel 4a.

uBreakiFix Stories May 5

Samsung Galaxy S, Note devices eligible for $29 screen repairs w/ Premium Care

Screens are one of the most fragile parts of any smartphones and, really, costs for a repair can be ridiculously expensive. For a limited time only, Samsung is offering Galaxy S and Note owners screen repairs for just $29 as part of its Premium Care program.

uBreakiFix Stories April 22

Healthcare professionals and other first responders are hammered in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and, for many, their smartphones are more important than ever. Today, Samsung has announced that it will offer free phone repairs for those in healthcare and other first responders fighting COVID-19.

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uBreakiFix Stories October 21, 2019

The Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL should be arriving to pre-order customers this week, which means, according to Murphy’s Law, at least one of those customers will break their shiny new flagship. Thankfully, the folks at uBreakiFix will be ready to perform same-day repairs on the Google Pixel 4.

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uBreakiFix Stories August 27, 2019

While Google lacks its own stores, you can still head to a brick-and-mortar store to get an official repair for your Pixel smartphone. uBreakiFix has been working with Google as a repair partner for the past few years, and this week the company has been bought out by Asurion.

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uBreakiFix Stories May 8, 2019

For the past few years, uBreakiFix has been one of Google’s repair partners for the Pixel phones in the US. The same is true this year, and same-day repairs for the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are already available at all uBreakiFix locations.

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