In this week’s top stories: Google Play Store rolls out a new nested tab design, the Google Pixel 2 has a brand new power menu, and Samsung adopts Google’s ARCore platform for it’s phones. We kick things off this week with a redesign for the Google Play Store. The new design features a nested navigation bar just underneath the main tab of categories, which oddly goes against Google’s own Material Design guidelines. Compared to the current carousel of chips, this design features icons that are more friendly and might encourage users to tap through and explore.

Also, the Google Pixel 2 has a weird new power menu. Instead of appearing at the center of the display, the Pixel 2’s power menu appears on the left side right next to the physical power button. And at its Developer Conference, Samsung revealed a partnership with Google to bring ARCore to its lineup of Galaxy devices. The SDK launched with support on the Galaxy S8 in August, but today marks a formal announcement and commitment to Google’s augmented reality platform.

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