sonos Stories February 15

Before Sonos sued Google in January, the two companies worked closely to bring Assistant to Sonos speakers. Despite that lawsuit, the integration continues to get new features, including the highly desired ability to set Sonos as the default speaker on the Nest Hub, Google Home, and other Assistant devices.

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sonos Stories July 2, 2019

As confirmed last week, Google Assistant is finally coming to Sonos speakers after being delayed last year. A software update rolling out today will allow users to say “Hey Google” to issue commands, ask questions, and control their Assistant smart home on the Sonos One and Sonos Beam.

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sonos Stories May 17, 2019

Sonos speakers are a step up for most home audio systems and the just added Google Assistant support makes the products even more appealing. The Sonos One and Beam are now frustratingly close to being a better Google Home, but ultimately are not direct replacements, especially if you’re already invested in the Google ecosystem.

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sonos Stories May 9, 2019

Google Assistant support on Sonos was originally scheduled for 2018, but delayed last November to this year. At CES 2019, Google reiterated that timeline, with the functionality finally coming next week.

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sonos Stories January 30, 2019

Since launching last year, YouTube Music has slowly added new features like Top 100 Charts and design tweaks earlier this month on Android and iOS. Today, Google’s latest streaming service is adding Sonos speaker integration.

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sonos Stories January 8, 2019

Google Assistant finally arriving on Sonos One and Sonos Beam

Sonos spent most of last year promising that their otherwise acclaimed Sonos One smart speaker would be getting Google Assistant support. Today, at CES 2019, Google has announced that the Assistant is finally arriving on not only the Sonos One, but also the Sonos Beam smart soundbar.

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