Night Sight Stories December 23, 2019

Google shares Pixel 4 astrophotography capturing the aurora [Gallery]

Google this year updated Night Sight beyond just taking pictures of dark scenes without flash to also capturing the night sky. Today, it shared the Pixel 4’s astrophotography mode being used to capture the aurora borealis, or the northern lights.

Night Sight Stories December 12, 2019

Watch Google’s fun Pixel 4 ad for Night Sight featuring Santa [Video]

Night Sight is one of the Pixel’s most advertisable features by virtue of everyone having experience with trying and failing to take a picture in the dark. Google this morning released its latest ad for the camera featuring Santa Claus.

Night Sight Stories November 26, 2019

After Pixel launches, Google often details key features that were made possible by internal research teams. The Google AI blog has an explainer focusing on the Pixel 4’s astrophotography capabilities today.

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Night Sight Stories July 4, 2019

Besides revealing a key change to gestural navigation in an upcoming Android Q release, we detailed new features in Google Camera 6.3, which you can download now. Night Sight is a central part of the app, while white balance modes have been removed. Our APK Insight also revealed a “McFly mode” and Pixel 4 support.

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Night Sight Stories July 3, 2019

Earlier this morning, we detailed how an upcoming release of Android Q leaked with a key enhancement to gesture navigation. That build also features a new version of Google Camera that moves Night Sight and makes it much easier to access.

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Night Sight Stories February 4, 2019

Google works some black magic with its Pixel smartphones and the Night Sight feature, and the results generally speak for themselves. However, the comparisons with Apple’s iPhones have had some people skeptical. Now, Google is going all in on its latest ad campaign, showing off behind the scenes of how it compared the Pixel 3 with Night Sight to the iPhone XS.

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Night Sight Stories February 2, 2019

Night Sight rolled out to all Pixel phones in November and the results have lived up to the hype. It was compared to the iPhone XS during the Pixel 3’s launch event and Google is now continuing that photography lead with a new advertising campaign.

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Night Sight Stories December 21, 2018

Google worked out some actual magic on its Pixel devices this year with the arrival of Night Sight. While it’s not an entirely new concept, it’s the most impressive and most talked about version to date. Now, it appears that’s got Samsung working on its own version called Bright Night.

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Night Sight Stories November 27, 2018

Google’s Pixel smartphones may not be perfect, but they bring some truly great features to the table. Most recently, that’s included Pixel Night Sight which, well, is simply magic. Now, the company is advertising that feature in a new commercial which reminds everyone why LED flashes are terrible.

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Night Sight Stories November 26, 2018

Thanks to some enterprising developers over at XDA, a modded Google Camera .apk file can be sideloaded onto OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T devices to give you a rudimentary experience of the Pixel 3 XL Night Sight on Oxygen OS. So with that in mind, we headed out into the freezing cold streets to see just how two of the newest specialist night-time camera modes fare against one another. expand full story

Night Sight Stories November 15, 2018

The camera on Google’s Pixel phones is nothing short of incredible, and it just keeps getting better with each new release. This week, Google has released actual magic onto its phones with Pixel Night Sight, and the results are simply amazing. Let’s take a deeper look into some details about Night Sight you might not have known.

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Night Sight Stories November 14, 2018

One of the biggest rounds of applause at Made by Google 2018 was for Night Sight on the Pixel 3. The feature is rolling out starting today with a handful of options in Google Camera 6.1.021, which also reveals continued work on a Time Lapse mode.

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If you read a hundred reviews of any Google Pixel smartphone, you’ll come away with the consensus that these phones are worth it for the camera alone, and that’s very true. Lately, Google has been working some magic behind the scenes to make these cameras even better. Starting today, Google Pixel Night Sight is rolling out to all users.

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Night Sight Stories October 23, 2018

One of the most jaw-dropping features Google showed off at its 10/9 event was that of “Night Sight.” The Pixel 3 camera feature made huge promises for improving low-light photography, but it also wasn’t set to roll out for a while after the phone shipped. Now, thanks to a modded app, we’ve been able to take Night Sight for a spin, and the results are pretty impressive.

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