Samsung Galaxy Watch Stories August 24

Wearables, and specifically smartwatches, have been a bit of a mixed bag for Android users for a while. There are plenty of great options, but none seem to really nail everything quite right. Now, though, Samsung aims to solve that with the Galaxy Watch. Today, that new smartwatch is on sale – here’s where to buy one.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Stories August 14

Last week brought the final build of Android Pie, as well as the debut of Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch. Now, to keep up with the times, Samsung has updated one of its apps with support for both of those…

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Stories August 13

Samsung Galaxy Watch tidbits: Samsung Pay loses MST, a new chipset, wireless charging

Samsung’s latest wearable, the Galaxy Watch, went official last week and it brings a lot to the table. The announcement was a bit of a surprise to everyone, and there’s a lot of information that slipped through the cracks, so let’s take a closer look…

Samsung Galaxy Watch Stories August 9

For the past few years, there’s almost always been a smartwatch on my wrist. After Google’s Android Wear, now Wear OS, got boring though, I ended up switching camps for Samsung’s wearable lineup. Recently I’ve gone back to Wear OS, but now the Galaxy Watch might have me headed back.

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Samsung has today officially unveiled its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9, at an event in New York City. While that device was certainly the center of the event, the company is also unveiling its next smartwatch…

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Stories July 23

In just a couple of short weeks, Samsung will host an event to debut its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9. At that same event, we’re also expecting to see a new Galaxy Watch. Today, that watch briefly appeared on Samsung’s own website.

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