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August 2020 - September 2022

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Foldable smartphones are growing in popularity thanks to efforts from Samsung and others. As the tech improves, though, other companies are getting in on the fun. Rumors have hinted that Google is working on a foldable for its Pixel smartphone lineup, and from the looks of it, it’s coming relatively soon. Here’s what we know so far.

Everything we know about the Google foldable

9to5Google first reported that Google was working on a Pixel foldable in August of 2020. In that report, we revealed the codename for the device was “Passport,” a codename we also spotted in May 2021 showing that the device is still in progress.

That codename also hints a bit at the design of the foldable. Like a physical passport, it seems possible the device will have a book-style fold for its display. A report from February also pinpointed a 7.6-inch display, further hinting at that design. For an idea of what that design could look like in person, we can look to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series. We reviewed the Z Fold 2 last year, with the form factor cementing the idea that this technology is the future of smartphones.

Like Samsung’s flagship foldable, reports claim that Google’s foldable will use ultra-thin glass to create a smoother internal display that feels better under the fingertip. It also helps with durability.

There are also some points of speculation that can be made regarding this device. It’ll likely be similar on the spec sheet to other Google Pixel phones, most likely mirroring the Pixel 6, which is expected to use Google’s custom “Whitechapel” chipset and offer two cameras.

When with Google release ‘Pixel Fold?’

Details are slim right now on Google actively releasing a Pixel foldable. One recent report claims that production for the display will start in October of 2021. Our original timeline said the device would release in 2021 — something that a display analyst says remains true.

If that is the case, it seems most likely that Google will release its first foldable late in 2021. November or December seems most likely based on an October start-of-production for the display, but the ongoing chip shortage and other factors could play a role in when this device makes its debut.

Stay tuned for 9to5Google’s full coverage.

Google Pixel Foldable Stories September 1

Smartphone makers are increasingly moving production out of China given geopolitical tensions and disruptive factory shutdowns (due to pandemic lockdowns) – with Google doing so for the Pixel 7 – but it will still need the country for foldable manufacturing.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories August 5

Despite a lot of delays and wild rumors, Google is still working on a foldable smartphone, and this week we’re getting a few more details about the Pixel foldable in terms of its cameras and design language.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories August 4

Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro represented the company’s focus on the premium smartphone space, and it seems that legacy is going to just keep building up. We already know what the Pixel 7 will look like, but according to one reputable source, Google is working on a Pixel phone made from a ceramic material.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories July 28

Just in time for the Pixel 6a’s launch, Google has released a new update for the Pixel series Camera app, which includes early work on a new mode for foldables, as well as preparation to offer selfie-taking advice.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories May 25

Earlier this month Pixel fans were treated with a preview of the company’s entire 2022 lineup, from this year’s Pixel 7 down to next year’s Pixel Tablet. The device that was missing, though, was the “Pixel Notepad.” As it turns out, it seems Google has decided to delay the foldable Pixel Notepad yet again.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories January 24

Earlier this month, 9to5Google reported that Google’s upcoming foldable might be named the “Pixel Notepad” and that it may cost less than the Galaxy Fold. We are now hearing that Google has a price of around $1,400 in mind for the Pixel Notepad. 

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories January 14

On Wednesday, we found new Android 12L assets that suggest Google’s upcoming foldable could take after the Oppo Find N form factor rather than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. 9to5Google has heard that this device could be named the “Pixel Notepad” with a lower price point than expected.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories January 12

The latest evidence we’ve discovered of Google’s Pixel foldable reveals a device that looks more like the Oppo Find N than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories November 4, 2021

The first foldable Pixel phone is set to arrive in 2022, and it will not use the same high-end camera sensors found in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories October 15, 2021

The Pixel Fall Launch isn’t just reserved for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. In fact, we’re going to see an added selection of products, services, and even a little software added to the Made by Google lineup. Here’s what to expect:

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories September 18, 2021

For over a year now, we’ve been watching with anticipation as Google develops its first foldable Pixel phone, codenamed “Passport.” Thanks to details in the upcoming Android 12.1, we’ve learned that Google has another foldable Pixel in the works, codenamed “Jumbojack.”

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories July 31, 2021

While most Pixel fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro — confirmed to be an overhaul of the Made by Google phone series — the Android 12 Beta includes clues to what Google phones will come after that. These possibly include a foldable Pixel and the presumed Pixel 6a.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories July 19, 2021

Foldables are poised for a big wave over the next several months as multiple devices are about to hit the market. Most notable in that group is Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, but as rumors heat up, we’re also hearing more about the Google Pixel foldable, which, allegedly, will adopt a 120Hz display.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories July 14, 2021

Despite Samsung preparing its third generation of the idea, foldable smartphones are still very much in their early days and finding their footing. However, the market may soon see a boom in popularity as a new report mentions that the Google Pixel foldable among several other devices will be using ultra-thin glass.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories June 29, 2021

It looks very much like we might see a foldable Google Pixel device toward the latter end of 2021, but it has us wondering just what it could eventually end up looking like and what it might bring to the table.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories June 21, 2021

Last week we asked our readers if they’d buy a folding Pixel, and with thousands of responses, it was interesting to see just what people had to say about the potentially new form factor.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories June 17, 2021

Reports over the past few weeks suggest that flexible OLED production will start in October for a folding Pixel device. Which leads us to wonder if you would even buy or consider a foldable Google Pixel.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories June 8, 2021

The 2021 Made by Google device lineup is looking to be one of the strongest ever with Whitechapel, Pixel 6, and a new Wear OS incoming. Things continue to shape up for a Google Pixel foldable, too, with a report today claiming that display production for the device is in the books for October.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories June 1, 2021

Samsung to expand sales of ultra-thin glass, foldable Google Pixel reportedly on the list

After the hiccup that was the Galaxy Fold launch, Samsung has grown its foldable category on the back of some major tech upgrades. The Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 2 brought the arrival of ultra-thin glass for foldables and, appararently, Samsung will be providing that tech to more clients, including the foldable Google Pixel.

Google Pixel Foldable Stories May 18, 2021

The Android 12 Beta launched today for Pixel phones, and in it, we’ve found model numbers for all of the Made by Google phones to release in 2021 including the Pixel 6 family and the reported foldable “Passport.”

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories February 23, 2021

We reported last year that Google’s roadmap for future Pixel smartphones included a foldable model, and now there’s a bit more to add to the story. According to a new report out of Korea, Google has requested a foldable OLED display from Samsung.

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Google Pixel Foldable Stories August 5, 2020

As we try to make sense of Google’s 2020 Pixel lineup, an internal Android document reviewed by 9to5Google gives us our first glimpse of what to expect next year. According to the document, Google is developing Android builds for Pixel 5a, a foldable Pixel, and at least two other first-party devices.

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