Google Wallpapers Stories November 8

Google Wallpapers reaches 500 million downloads on the Play Store

Phone personalization is one of the main reasons we all love Android, and one of the most popular ways to tweak your on-device ambiance is with a neat wallpaper. People love tweaking their phone setup as Google Wallpapers has now amassed 500 million downloads over on the Play Store.

Google Wallpapers Stories October 8

As the launch event for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro grows nearer, Google continues to put finishing touches on the user experience. A new batch of “Motif” wallpapers, which feature floral and geometric illustrations that play to the strengths of Dynamic Color in Android 12, will be available on the Pixel 6.

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Google Wallpapers Stories August 13

Starting with the Pixel 3, Google has prepared special-use wallpapers for its phones that can be seen in renders and other promo materials, displaying the generation of the device in large type. But despite only being used for marketing purposes, the backgrounds have been highly sought after by fans. Some artists have gone so far as to create near-pixel-perfect copies in the absence of their official versions. Now, Google has made some of these promo wallpapers available to Pixel 4 and 4a users.

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Google Wallpapers Stories March 8

Google has rolled out a new wallpaper collection to Chromebooks called “Imaginary” that adds 12 colorful new images to Chrome OS. Each background contains a fun, digitally-sculpted scene.

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Google Wallpapers Stories June 15, 2020

Google Wallpapers for Android adds new Pride backgrounds

The Google Wallpapers app is pre-installed on Pixel devices, but also available for all Android devices via the Play Store. On occasion, new background categories are added with Google today adding a new wallpaper collection celebrating Pride.

Google Wallpapers Stories September 28, 2019

Pixel 4 live wallpapers fully revealed and available for download

Over the past few days, we’ve revealed a flood of Pixel 4 software details thanks to the latest leaked APKs. The most notable focus of these has been on theming and customization, including a preview of upcoming backgrounds from Google. It’s now possible to download and use an unofficial version of the Pixel 4 live wallpapers.

Google Wallpapers Stories September 27, 2019

With the Pixel 4, Google Wallpapers is following Assistant, Search, Gmail, and the Play Store in gaining a dark mode. The redesign we detailed yesterday also includes the Material Theme, and you can download it now.

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Google Wallpapers Stories September 26, 2019

One whimsical Pixel tradition sees Google introduce a new set of live wallpapers every phone generation. While some have carried over year-to-year, there is mostly a reimagined collection every fall. For 2019, Google looks to be letting Pixel 4 users select past wallpapers from every previous phone.

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For the past several months, it’s been evident that Pixel customization and theming will be one aspect of this year’s Made by Google phones. The Pixel 4 will tweak the Google Wallpapers interface for selecting backgrounds with a Material Theme and dark mode.

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Google Wallpapers Stories October 10, 2018

Since launching in 2016 with the original Pixel, Google has periodically updated the Google Wallpapers app with new collections to stay current. After yesterday’s Pixel 3 event, the app has been updated with a number of new backgrounds across the existing categories.

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Google Wallpapers Stories November 7, 2017

Google Wallpapers now has a ‘Seascapes’ collection with over two dozen new wallpapers

The Google Wallpapers app gets refreshed with new options on a fairly regular basis, and we’ve seen a lot of new options debut around the release of Google’s new Pixel 2 devices. Now, one of the categories that debuted on the Pixel 2 is headed to other Android devices.

Google Wallpapers Stories October 11, 2017

When last year’s Pixel launched, Google uploaded the phone’s Wallpapers app to the Play Store for any Android device to download. In the past year, the app has been steadily updated with new wallpapers and today is adding many more. Notably, some of the new categories are exclusive to Pixel devices.

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Google Wallpapers Stories May 6, 2017

Google Wallpapers adds new ‘Art’ and ‘Solid Colors’ categories

Several days ago, the Google Wallpapers application received an update which brought with it a bunch of new wallpapers. With no official word from Google about these changes, we just figured that Google was refreshing and adding to the images made available to users. Shortly after, Google has pushed out another server-side update that has added two new wallpaper categories: Art and Solid Colors.

Google Wallpapers Stories October 19, 2016


Over the past year or so, Google has been adding a lot of stock apps to the Google Play store, and today it’s debuting two new ones ─ the Pixel Launcher and Wallpapers.

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