Google Wallpapers Stories March 8

Google has rolled out a new wallpaper collection to Chromebooks called “Imaginary” that adds 12 colorful new images to Chrome OS. Each background contains a fun, digitally-sculpted scene.

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Google Wallpapers Stories June 15, 2020

Google Wallpapers for Android adds new Pride backgrounds

The Google Wallpapers app is pre-installed on Pixel devices, but also available for all Android devices via the Play Store. On occasion, new background categories are added with Google today adding a new wallpaper collection celebrating Pride.

Google Wallpapers Stories September 28, 2019

Pixel 4 live wallpapers fully revealed and available for download

Over the past few days, we’ve revealed a flood of Pixel 4 software details thanks to the latest leaked APKs. The most notable focus of these has been on theming and customization, including a preview of upcoming backgrounds from Google. It’s now possible to download and use an unofficial version of the Pixel 4 live wallpapers.

Google Wallpapers Stories September 27, 2019

With the Pixel 4, Google Wallpapers is following Assistant, Search, Gmail, and the Play Store in gaining a dark mode. The redesign we detailed yesterday also includes the Material Theme, and you can download it now.

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Google Wallpapers Stories September 26, 2019

One whimsical Pixel tradition sees Google introduce a new set of live wallpapers every phone generation. While some have carried over year-to-year, there is mostly a reimagined collection every fall. For 2019, Google looks to be letting Pixel 4 users select past wallpapers from every previous phone.

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For the past several months, it’s been evident that Pixel customization and theming will be one aspect of this year’s Made by Google phones. The Pixel 4 will tweak the Google Wallpapers interface for selecting backgrounds with a Material Theme and dark mode.

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