App indexing in search results on Android gets more languages


Google originally launched App Indexing for Android users back in December before rolling it out globally in English for a number of apps back in April. As pictured above, the feature allows content from Android apps to show up in search results with a button for users to quickly launch the app. Today the company announced it’s expanding the feature once again and launching it for apps in several languages other than English. It’s also added some other English results in the U.S. including the Walmart, Tapatalk, and Fancy apps.  Read more

Google shutting down Motorola’s U.S. manufacturing plant ahead sale to Lenovo


Motorola Mobility, still owned by Google until the sale to Lenovo completes, announced today that it’s closing the Texas-based manufacturing plant that it opened in May of last year to build its Moto X smartphone. The plant, which employees approximately 700 employees, is said to be closing its doors by the end of the year, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal: Read more

Google’s XSS game tests your web security IQ (update)


Google has openly stated that it takes web security very seriously, but the company might be playing around a bit by releasing a browser-based challenge created to test developers’ understanding of XSS. Allegedly made by Google’s security team, the game features six levels that resemble real world applications vulnerable to XSS. Players are tasked with finding a level’s problem and exploiting its weakness.

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Google debuts new ‘right to be forgotten’ page in Europe, lets users request removal from search results


Following a ruling by a European court that users have the “right to be forgotten” online, Google has launched a new web page that allows some users seeking a bit of privacy to have certain links removed from the company’s search results. The Mountain View search giant says it has already gotten thousands of takedown requests—and that’s before the form was even public (via Re/code).

The system isn’t automated, and Google says it will need to consider each request on a case-by-case basis to decide whether a certain link should be removed or left intact in the interest of public information. If that sounds a bit inefficient, that might be because it is. An introductory statement on the page calls it “an initial effort” which will undoubtedly be improved on over time:

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HTC One M8 Prime has been ‘suspended indefinitely,’ M8 Plus is still in development


There have been so many rumors surrounding the launch of a premium HTC One M8 that it’s almost hard to keep track of them all. Initially labeled as the HTC One M8 Prime, this device was said to feature a QHD display with specifications that would outweigh HTC’s recent One M8 release.

Tonight, renowned leaker Evleaks claimed that the Prime has been officially canned by HTC and we won’t be seeing a public launch any time soon. In a way this report is accurate. The “One M8 Prime” is not and never has been the official name of the device in question. According to our sources, however, the actual phone referred to by that title is still in development…

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Report: Amazon to launch streaming music service in June/July, but only with 6 month old songs


With Apple having just acquired Beats Electronics, Amazon is apparently preparing to launch its own streaming music service. According to a new report out of BuzzFeed, Amazon has just signed deals with two of the three major labels. Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group have both signed on, while Universal Music is still pondering the deal.

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HTC One Remix render spotted with Verizon branding


The HTC One mini 2 is rumored to hit the US as the HTC One Remix and although we’ve officially seen the former, we’ve yet to see it materialize with any carrier branding. Today, however, we’re getting a closer look at what might be heading to Verizon thanks to the often reliable @evleaks. If in fact the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer decides to bring its petite smartphone to the US, it’ll most likely be coated with Big Red’s emblem.

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Google Play will no longer accept legacy AdMob apps on August 1st


Google announced today that it has finished the rollout of its new AdMob to more than 200 countries and as a result the company will stop accepting apps into Google Play based on its old SDK on August 1st. Following this initiative, the search giant will sunset AdMob’s legacy platform on August 31st. After this, legacy ad units will stop working and the outdated AdMob UI will no longer be accessible.

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Here’s a look at LG’s G Watch in action (video)


It’s no secret that LG is working on a smartwatch and while the company has openly teased its new wearable, we’ve yet to get a really good look at this up-and-comer in action. However, that just changed thanks to the folks at AppDated, who’ve managed to get their hands on the Android Wear-powered timepiece during the recent LG G3 event in London. While the video is completely in German, it still gives a solid overview of the watch in a real world environment and does a nice job of showing off how smooth Google’s wearable operating system seems to be despite this being a beta build of the platform. Check out what might possibly be up for grabs in the next few weeks.

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