Samsung Galaxy S5 said to have fingerprint unlock, with website logins also supported

The fingerprint sensor is said to be embedded in the home button

The fingerprint sensor is said to be embedded in the home button

SamMobile is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a fingerprint sensor which will both unlock the phone and allow automated website logins. We’re expecting to see the S5 officially announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 24th February, though it may not go on sale until March or April.

It had earlier been rumored that the S5 would have iris recognition, but a KGI Research document pointed instead to a fingerprint sensor, which SamMobile claims to be able to confirm via sources inside Samsung.

We are finally confirming that Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S5, will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor […]

Samsung hasn’t opted for on-screen buttons and is still using physical buttons, like it has been using in the past on all of its flagship devices. The sensor itself works in a swipe manner, which means that you would need to swipe the entire pad of your finger, from base to tip, across the home key to register your fingerprint properly …  Read more

HTC schedules March 25 event for new flagship device, likely the HTC M8


After months and months of rumors regarding the HTC One follow-up codenamed M8, HTC today sent out invites to an event scheduled for March 25th where the company is expected to officially unveil the device. While HTC hasn’t come right out and said the event is specifically for the M8, it will be showing off its new flagship devices for 2014. That means we likely won’t be seeing much from HTC during Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, but we’ll keep you updated on the latest.  Read more

Doctors bring Glass into the operating room with hopes of revolutionizing the medical industry

A visitor is testing the new Google Glasses at the international fair for digital economy 'NEXT Berlin 2013' in Berlin, Germany, 24 April 2013.  NEXT Berlin 2013 is an international trade for which serves as a platform of digital innovations from the worl

As wearable technology comes closer and closer to the mainstream, medical applications are at the forefront of potential use cases being explored by hardware manufacturers and users alike. While still-rumored smartwatches pique our imaginations, existing tech like Google Glass is already being implemented in the medical industry.

The latest story of wearables in medicine comes from Dr. Paul Szotek and Dr. Jeff Browne of Indianapolis, Indiana, who used Glass to help successfully remove a cancerous tumor at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital during a four-hour operation.

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Google buys SlickLogin, a startup offering secure, password-free website logins

SlickLogin launching at TechCrunch Dusrupt five months ago

SlickLogin launching at TechCrunch Dusrupt five months ago

TechCrunch reports Google has acquired the startup company SlickLogin, which appears to live up to its name with a whole bunch of clever ways of allowing you to login to a website without using a password. The key ingredient is sound.

To verify a user’s identity and log them in, a website would play a uniquely generated, nearly-silent sound through your computer’s speakers. An app running on your phone would pick up the sound, analyze it, and send the signal back to the site’s server confirming that you are who you say you are — or, at least, someone who has that person’s phone …  Read more

Health-focused watch maker Basis is looking to sell, possibly in talks with Google


Last year Google took its first step into the wearable smartwatch market with the Galaxy Gear, which was widely panned by reviewers. Unfortunately, the poor reviews were the least of Google’s worries, with Gear sales falling far short of expectations.

Now, TechCrunch reports that Basis, a company that makes health-centric smartwatches, is looking to be acquired—and Google is on the list of companies being courted. The company is said to be in talks with other companies as well, and apparently has not settled on an asking price yet. Basis has so far been unable to secure an additional round of funding needed to stay afloat, and is thus exploring other potential options.

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Played out: Google now rejecting apps that attempt to ride Flappy Bird’s tailfeathers


It seems the Google Play Store has reached peak “flappy.” According to TechCrunch, multiple developers report that Google has started blanket-rejections of apps using the word in the name, and perhaps it’s for the best. The store has been inundated with Flappy Bird clones since the app first topped the charts.

A quick search of the Play Store’s app section reveals just how pervasive the clones have become. The resulting 240+ apps include meme-based gems such as “Flappy Doge” and “Flappy Gangnam,” as well as at least five named “Flappy Turd” or similar.

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Leak shows first Asus Chromebooks coming soon w/ C200 & C300 models

According to new reports pointing to what look like internal strategic documents, Asus appears to be preparing to launch its first Chromebook products in the near future. VR-Zone posted an image (via GigaOM) showing two Chromebook models, the C200 and C300, mentioned in a document titled “ASUS NB Strategy.”

We’ve seen Chromebooks from Acer, Samsung, HP, and more recently Toshiba, but one of Google’s closest OEM partners, Asus, has yet to release one. It’s not that surprising that it plans to, however, as it is already making a Chrome OS device soon to hit the market. Earlier this month the company announced the smallest-ever Chromebox set to go on sale next month starting at $179.

There aren’t any details about when we might be seeing the Chromebooks from Asus or specs for the two models, but of course there is speculation the company could make a hybrid tablet/Chromebook like line of Transformer products.  Read more

Best Buy drops 50% off Galaxy Gear as we inch closer to ‘Unpacked 5′ event


samsung_galaxy_gearPerhaps adding more fuel to the fire of a potential second generation Galaxy Gear being announced at Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event later this month, Best Buy is offering the current Gear for just $149.99 with free shipping. This 50% price drop yields the lowest price we have ever seen. If you’re interested in cashing in on this deal you have to move quick because this special pricing is good for today only.

Also AT&T has a promotion starting today on Galaxy Gear watches:

  •  Also starting today, people can take $100 off a Samsung Gear with the purchase of a Galaxy Note 3, GS4, GS4 Active and/or Galaxy Mega.  Notably, this deal is also available for customers who already bought one of those devices from AT&T. This offer is also only available in our company-owned stores.

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Dennis Woodside officially announces departure from Motorola, long-time Googler Jonathan Rosenberg to become new COO


Last night, it was reported that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside would be stepping down from his position to become the chief operating officer at cloud storage company Dropbox. Woodside has now confirmed this decision in a blog post on the Official Motorola Blog, saying that he will step down as CEO at the end of March.

Woodside goes on to announce that Jonathan Rosenberg, who was the SVP of Products at Google from 2002 until 2011, will step in as COO at Motorola Mobility on April 1st. Rosenberg worked closely with Woodside and was “intimately involved” with decisions at Motorola. Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora will remain Executive Chairman of the Motorola Operating Board and continue to oversee strategy at the company. It looks as if Motorola will be going without a CEO after Woodside leaves, leaving Lenovo with a lot of control.

Woodside says he is leaving Motorola Mobility “in great hands” and that he is immensely proud of what the company has accomplished in the past 18 months. He also notes that he is excited for the next chapter for the company under Lenovo, who purchased it for $3 billion last month.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston has also issued a statement on the news.

“We’ve long admired Dennis’s leadership at Google and Motorola where he ran multi-billion dollar businesses and built amazing organizations around the world. We’re so happy to welcome Dennis to our team — I can’t imagine a better person to help us bring Dropbox to global scale.”

Read the full resignation letter after the jump:

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US Winter Storm just got real…Google rolls out a Crisis Response map for Eastern US

Screenshot 2014-02-13 12.13.03

Between shoveling the driveway and bringing in firewood, I just noticed Google’s got a new Crisis Response Map for the (South) Eastern Storm.

Google usually reserves these for natural disasters like fires, typhoons, tidal waves and hurricanes.    Stay safe out there.  Read more