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June 2011 - January 2017

Google Plus was developed at breakneck speed to counter the rising threat of Facebook in social. Launched in June 2011, Google Plus allowed users to post status updates and organized friends into groups called Circles. There was an instant messaging and video component called Hangouts, as well as a photo backup service.

In addition to being a social network, Plus was meant to be the social layer to all of Google’s other products. A user’s Google Plus profile was used for many other services, like YouTube. The ‘+1’ button was a competitor to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button and was present throughout the web.

Despite the attempts at company-wide integration, Google Plus never really took of among users. In November of 2015, Google unveiled a major redesign that put a renewed focus on Collections and Communities to create an interest-based social network instead.

Popular features like Hangouts and Google Photos were eventually spun out into their own separate and wildly popular product.

Google Plus Stories January 17

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In late 2015, Google+ received a significant redesign and a new focus on Communities and Collections. While Google iterated on this new version, the old version remained accessible. With a slew of new features coming, including Events, the classic interface will no longer be available as of later this month.

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Google Plus Stories January 11

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Google Plus Stories September 21, 2016

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Google+ becomes part of Google Apps for Work’s core services

Google Plus is a social media network that is either fantastic or a ghost town depending on who you ask. Google has long stood behind its social network and is now looking to bring it — in an officially supported capacity — to the enterprise market. Starting today, Google+ is a “core” service packaged alongside other officially supported Google Apps for Work services…

Google Plus Stories September 8, 2016

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Google+ on the web adds push notifications in Chrome

Its redesign is now old news, but Google is still slowly adding features to Google+ — and recently they quietly added push notifications on the desktop. Through Google Chrome, users can now get their notifications pushed to them on top of active windows. While this isn’t for everybody (it is Google+, of course), this should prove useful for those who actively use the social network and want to quickly respond to any new mentions or post notifications.

Google Plus Stories August 15, 2016

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Over the past several months we’ve been seeing Google moving various services away from Google+. The app no longer comes pre-loaded on Android devices, you no longer need a Google+ account for YouTube or Google Play, and now the company is cutting another chunk out of the social network, Hangouts on Air.

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Google Plus Stories June 9, 2016

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Following the acquisition by OnePlus back in February 2015, most of the team working on the Paranoid Android ROM fled to the Chinese company’s shore to work on the Oxygen OS, which eventually made its way to the OnePlus 2 and its sibling smartphones.

There was no indication that the team would make a comeback, but as per a post released today, it looks like death previsions were everything but right…

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