Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Stories October 28

Samsung ‘Space Selfie’ satellite carrying S10 5G crash-lands on Michigan farm

A Samsung balloon satellite carrying a Galaxy S10 5G as part of a “Space Selfie” campaign has abruptly crash-landed on a Michigan farm.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Stories June 14

The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will go on sale June 21

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is releasing on Sprint’s fledgling 5G network starting June 21st after being confirmed today.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Stories June 13

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G arrives at AT&T, but only for businesses and developers

5G is going to be a huge deal when it finally arrives, but there needs to be sufficient hardware first. The Galaxy S10 5G is one of the first “mainstream” devices with the connectivity, and now it’s arrived at AT&T, but with a catch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Stories May 29

T-Mobile appears to be conducting quiet 5G network tests in New York

The big 5G revolution is very quietly moving ahead, or so it seems as T-Mobile appears to be conducting tests of its own 5G network in New York City with absolutely zero fanfare.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Stories May 17

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G speed tests carried out on Verizon in Chicago have shown that the device and service are capable of delivering blazing speeds – when you can manage to get a 5G signal.

And the limited coverage isn’t the only challenge to getting 5G connections on the device: you also have to be careful how you hold it …

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Stories April 25

It’s going to be a while until 5G hits the mainstream, and in the meantime, it’s probably going to add a lot of cost to our smartphones. Today, Samsung’s first 5G smartphone, the Galaxy S10 5G has officially gone up for pre-order, and it’s got a big price in tow. On top of that, a 5G Galaxy Note 10 has also been officially confirmed.

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