Samsung Galaxy S10e Stories August 5

Samsung’s Galaxy flagships are excellent smartphones, but they trip up a bit when it comes to software. Between bloatware, slower updates, and more, it can be a little frustrating. Today, though, Samsung is announcing something big. Every Samsung flagship since the Galaxy S10 will get three years of Android updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e Stories February 11

Samsung usually focuses on its latest and greatest smartphones when it comes to ongoing sales, but after the debut of the Galaxy S20 series today, Samsung has announced a permanent price cut for the Galaxy S10 with the trio now starting at $549.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e Stories December 3, 2019

Galaxy S10’s Android 10 update rolls out to several more markets

Samsung has been rolling out its Android 10 update for the Galaxy S10 series for just a week or so at this point but it’s already expanding rapidly. As of today, Samsung is rolling out the Android 10 update in 8 different markets.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Stories October 15, 2019

The Android 10 version of One UI has now reached the beta stage for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e Stories October 9, 2019

[Update: US confirmed] The OneUI 2.0 beta w/ Android 10 for Galaxy S10 set to kick off soon

The wait for Android 10 on the Galaxy S10 is nearly over, as the OneUI 2.0 beta is now set at “coming soon” to the flagship device family.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Stories September 23, 2019

Galaxy S10 update adds Note 10 camera features and DeX for PC support

The Samsung Galaxy S10 encroaches on Note 10 territory so much that the potential fusing of the two flagship lines is kind of obvious. Thanks to a recent software update, though, the Galaxy S10 has received a few Note 10 camera features and support for DeX for PC.

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