5G Stories November 16, 2020

Verizon’s nationwide 5G network works on these Android smartphones [Updated]

Last week, Verizon announced that it had opened up its nationwide 5G network after months of only offering mmWave coverage. The latest Apple iPhones support this network out of the box, but some Android phones are also getting support for Verizon nationwide 5G with models from Samsung and LG.

5G Stories September 9, 2020

Last year, Motorola announced an interesting phone that was the epitome of taking advantage of smartphone nostalgia. It was a new Razr, but as you probably already know, it changed things up to match modern trends, notably adding its 6.2-inch foldable display. Just about six months after that phone finally started shipping — and suffered a mass of unfavorable comparisons to Samsung’s entry in its reviews — it now has a successor called the Moto Razr 5G. Here’s what people are saying about it so far…

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5G Stories September 3, 2020

At IFA 2020, Qualcomm is making two announcements related to the Android space. The first is about bringing 5G to even more affordable devices, while Qualcomm today announced Adaptive ANC.

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5G Stories July 14, 2020

A series of new reports suggest that the UK government is set to phase out Huawei from its 5G network infrastructure over security concerns.

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5G Stories May 21, 2020

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, a new report from research firm Strategy Analytics names the Samsung Galaxy S20+ as the top-selling 5G smartphone in the US for Q1 2020.

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5G Stories May 19, 2020

One of the biggest upgrades Samsung has made to the Galaxy S20 series is that every model supports 5G. In the US, we’re only getting the 5G versions of the Galaxy S20 and, as a result, Verizon won’t see the device for a little while because its network isn’t supported.

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5G Stories May 1, 2020

We’ve known pretty much from day one that Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series has been far less popular than what came before it, but a new report is shedding light on the matter that makes things even worse. While the Galaxy S20 is helping 5G phones count for more of the market, this series is barely making a dent compared to Galaxy S9 and S20 sales.

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5G Stories March 13, 2020

In a report that should come as no great surprise, less than 1% of all smartphone sales in the US were of 5G-enabled devices.

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5G Stories February 27, 2020

Google Fi already using T-Mobile’s 5G network on supported phones

Last February, Google announced an expansion of its MVNO partnership with Sprint to include 5G. Google Fi now looks to already be leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G network on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

5G Stories January 3, 2020

Samsung sold almost 7 million Galaxy 5G phones in 2019

With the 5G rollout steadily picking up pace, Samsung has announced that it sold almost 7 million Galaxy 5G smartphones in 2019 alone.

5G Stories December 2, 2019

T-Mobile launches 600 MHz spectrum 5G across the United States

T-Mobile is going all-in on the 600 MHz 5G spectrum after turning on its 5G network in areas of the US that should give over 200 million people access to superfast data speeds.

5G Stories September 6, 2019

The Pixel 4 leaks keep flowing, but in some of today’s other stories, we’ve got new earbuds from Nokia, news regarding next year’s 5G, and more.

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5G Stories May 29, 2019

MediaTek unveils 5G chipset made to make 5G phones affordable

MediaTek has unveiled its latest 5G 7-nanometer chipset which could help bring the superfast wireless connectivity to budget handsets globally.

T-Mobile appears to be conducting quiet 5G network tests in New York

The big 5G revolution is very quietly moving ahead, or so it seems as T-Mobile appears to be conducting tests of its own 5G network in New York City with absolutely zero fanfare.

5G Stories May 17, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G speed tests carried out on Verizon in Chicago have shown that the device and service are capable of delivering blazing speeds – when you can manage to get a 5G signal.

And the limited coverage isn’t the only challenge to getting 5G connections on the device: you also have to be careful how you hold it …

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5G Stories April 3, 2019

Verizion Moto Z3 Android Pie update rolling out w/ 5G Moto Mod support

Ahead of Verizon’s 5G network launch on April 11 in select US cities, the company is now rolling out support for it’s only 5G capable smartphone — the Moto Z3.

5G Stories March 5, 2019

During the build-up to MWC 2019, we knew that 5G would likely be pushed like never before at the event. Just a week prior we saw the Samsung Galaxy Fold unveiled at Unpacked 2019, but little did we know that this year MWC would kind of boil down to a case of 5G vs foldables.

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5G Stories February 25, 2019

As an MVNO, improvements to Google Fi’s network are primarily dependent on partners upgrading their networks. In the case of 5G, Sprint detailed today how it will be making that faster service available through the Google cellular offering.

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5G Stories February 11, 2019

5G connected OnePlus device to be shown at MWC 2019

We’ve known that OnePlus want to be one of the very first smartphone OEMs to release a 5G-connected device in 2019. Now we have some sort of confirmation (via XDA Developers) of OnePlus’ intent to show the prototype device at MWC 2019.

5G Stories December 21, 2018

AT&T replacing LTE indicator on Android phones in early 2019 to ‘5G E’

The cellular industry is expected to transition to 5G over the coming years, with these mobile speed upgrades occurring every decade or so. AT&T is getting an early start by labeling existing LTE Android phones in certain markets with a “5G E” indicator.

5G Stories November 14, 2018

The Moto Z3 becomes the ‘world’s first’ 5G-upgradeable smartphone

Whilst we won’t actually see 5G services go live for devices until 2019, Verizon has completed the world’s first 5G data transmission on a smartphone. The device in question, the Moto Z3 with a 5G Moto Mod attached, is now officially the world’s first commercially available 5G device.

5G Stories November 12, 2018

OnePlus’ 5G smartphone arriving in ‘early’ 2019, but it won’t be the OnePlus 7

OnePlus has seen some big success with its latest device, the OnePlus 6T, but that hasn’t slowed it down one bit from looking to the future. This week, the company has confirmed new details surrounding a OnePlus 5G phone.

5G Stories October 23, 2018

OnePlus hopes to launch the first 5G-capable smartphone next year

Somewhat unsurprisingly, at the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit in Hong Kong, OnePlus officially announced the intention to be one of the first to market with a 5G smartphone.

5G Stories September 4, 2018

Xiaomi spokesperson Donovan Sung has tweeted a photo of the Mi Mix 3, pointing to support for 5G data. The photo shows the device in front of radio testing equipment, with ‘5G’ appearing on the display of the phone itself …

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5G Stories August 14, 2018

Verizon’s upcoming 5G broadband service will bundle YouTube TV

Next-generation 5G wireless technology will be notable for providing both mobile connectivity and residential broadband. Verizon is slated to deploy the latter service in 2018 and is partnering with YouTube TV to provide the first subscribers with content.

5G Stories July 20, 2018

AT&T names three more of the dozen cities to get mobile 5G this year

AT&T promised in January to launch mobile 5G service in a dozen cities by the end of the year, though without naming any of them at the time. It later named three of them, and has now added the next three …

5G Stories February 27, 2018

After AT&T, Sprint names the first six US cities to get 5G

AT&T last week named the first cities to get access to its 5G rollout, and now Sprint has done the same for its network.

Interestingly, of the three cities named by AT&T and the six by Sprint, two of them are set to see 5G service from both carriers …

5G Stories February 21, 2018

AT&T promised it would start rolling out what it claims will be the first true mobile 5G service before the end of the year, and it has just announced the first three cities in line to receive it.

We plan to offer mobile 5G to customers in a dozen cities, including parts of Dallas, Atlanta and Waco, Texas, by the end of this year. We’ll announce additional cities in the coming months.

The company says that the commercial rollout follows multi-city trials …

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5G Stories September 8, 2016

Samsung and T-Mobile teaming up on ‘new demonstrations and lab tests’ for 5G networks

T-Mobile‘s outspoken CEO is always publicly discussing its network coverage, speeds, and how they are continuously working to improve the network for their customers. Today, Samsung has announced that the two companies will be collaborating on “new demonstrations and lab tests” as to begin working on what will one day be a 5G mobile network…

5G Stories February 12, 2016


Verizon began lab-testing its 5G network last year, aiming to carry out the first real-world tests this year, and and AT&T has now announced that it will be doing the same. The company seems even more optimistic than Verizon, which estimated 5G speeds some 30-50 times faster than LTE.

We expect 5G to deliver speeds 10-100 times faster than today’s average 4G LTE connections. Customers will see speeds measured in gigabits per second, not megabits. For reference, at one gigabit per second, you can download a TV show in less than 3 seconds. 

Don’t get too excited just yet, though, as there are a couple of small hurdles to be overcome first …

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5G Stories February 1, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.41.20 PM

According to a report from The Guardian, Google is currently in the process of testing solar-powered drones at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The company is reportedly testing the possibility of using these solar-powered drones to deliver high-speed internet from the air. Google, of course, also has its Project Loon effort, which uses high-alitude balloons to beam down internet service to the areas below. It’s unclear, at this point, if the two efforts are related or will be used in different scenarios.

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5G Stories September 8, 2015

5G could even make Google Fiber look slow ... 5G could even make Google Fiber look slow ...

5G could even make Google Fiber look slow ...

5G could even make Google Fiber look slow …

Early tests of Verizon’s 5G technology show that it can achieve connection speeds 30-50 times faster than 4G/LTE – above the speeds offered by Google Fiber’s gigabit wired broadband. Even better, the company expects to have “some level of commercial deployment” by 2017, some three years earlier than expected, reports CNET.

To put that speed difference into perspective, the movie Guardians of the Galaxy would take around six minutes to download over a good LTE connection – while 5G would have it downloaded to your device in just 15 seconds …  expand full story

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