In this week’s top stories: Google is working on a customizable “Google Bar” search widget for Google app, we discuss where the Pixel still shines a year after its release, and we catch a glimpse of the redesigned Google Lens in Google Assistant. We kick things off this week with new revelations about the planned Google Bar. Since it was revealed in last weeks teardown of the Google App, we have been able to activate the feature to reveal that future versions of the Google app could allow users to customize the search bar widget. Customization options may include the logo, shape, color, and shading of the bar.

Also, we have decided to revisit the original Pixel and Pixel XL, which have aged better than just about any other Android phones we’ve seen. We also get a first look at the redesigned Google Lens for Google Assistant. In addition, we were able to initiate the new male Assistant voice that we spotted last week.

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