Galaxy S8 Stories March 29, 2019

AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 Android Pie update rolling out now

After an extended wait, anyone with an AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S8 or S8+ should now be receiving the Android Pie update — along with all the One UI extras.

Galaxy S8 Stories November 9, 2017

While your phone does a million things, one of its core functions is still to make an actual phone call. Because of that, the microphones on your device are very important. Lately, a handful of Pixel 2, Galaxy S8, and even Galaxy Note 8 owners have noticed their mics being a bit quiet, and there’s a really simple fix for that…

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Galaxy S8 Stories August 25, 2017

Xfinity Mobile offering $200 off Galaxy S8/S8+ and more with new service

Last week, Xfinity Mobile fully launched its new wireless plans after previously releasing the new service in select cities. Starting today, the company is giving new customers $200 off Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8+ and more.

Galaxy S8 Stories July 24, 2017

ZeroLemon cases now available for the Galaxy S8/S8+ and LG G6

Phone batteries have gotten considerably better over the years, but despite the improvements we’ve made in battery technology, it can sometimes still be a challenge to make it to the end of a day with juice remaining after a lot of intensive use.

ZeroLemon, one of the top battery case manufacturers, has just announced all-new battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and the LG G6.

Galaxy S8 Stories July 4, 2017

The OnePlus 5 has been making constant headlines these past few weeks, and not all of it has been good; there have been reports of OnePlus cheating at benchmarks and attaching the display upside-down, along with complaints of a “jelly effect” when scrolling, to name a few mishaps.

I was also surprised to see the overwhelmingly negative comments on my OnePlus 5 review over the weekend. Nearly every comment criticized the phone for being too close in cost to traditional flagships, not doing enough to stand out, and being a worse value than the LG G6, HTC U11, or Galaxy S8 … but the thing is, I just sold my personal Galaxy S8 and moved to the OnePlus 5 full-time.

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Galaxy S8 Stories June 16, 2017

Bixby was one of Samsung’s most noteworthy new services announced alongside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ earlier this year. It aimed to take on Google Assistant as the company’s new AI system, offering object recognition in the camera and aggregating news and important information into a central hub on the home screen.

The voice command side of Bixby was by far the most ambitious, promising to be able to do anything you could normally do by touching the screen. Sadly (but unsurprisingly), this portion of Bixby wasn’t ready in time for the Galaxy S8 launch, and still hasn’t made its way to the devices months later, frustrating potential would-be users…

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Galaxy S8 Stories May 31, 2017

During the Galaxy S8 unveiling, Samsung made a big deal about Bixby, its new AI interface with the bold claim of being able to carry out any task on the phone using just your voice. Most virtual assistants can only do simple voice commands like initiating calls, changing songs, or opening apps, but waver in functionality when asked to change system settings or perform complex tasks. Bixby promised to do all of this, but many were disappointed when the virtual assistant wasn’t available on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at launch.

In its current state, Bixby is able to identify objects in the camera viewfinder (sometimes) and aggregate news in a Flipboard-like side page on the home screen … and that’s about it. Initially, Bixby’s virtual assistant update was supposed to be available in late May, but June starts tomorrow and according to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is still weeks away from being ready.

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Galaxy S8 Stories May 24, 2017

With the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Samsung finally made the switch to on-screen navigation controls. A lot of users were excited for the added versatility and screen size this change allowed, but the unique new iconography used has been met with mixed reactions.

Thanks to this thread on the XDA Developers forums, however, it’s now possible to replace the default navigation keys with the ones found on stock Android devices … with a few minor setbacks.

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Galaxy S8 Stories May 17, 2017

With Daydream now six months old, Google is announcing new devices at I/O that will support the VR platform and existing apps. Very major additions include the Galaxy S8 and LG’s upcoming flagship.

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Galaxy S8 Stories March 15, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Teaser Video

There have been rumors for quite some time now about Samsung‘s intention to join the AI race and launch a competitor to the likes of Google‘s Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana along the launch of its upcoming Galaxy S8.

We’d heard its name could be “Bixby,” and thanks to a little snippet, it looks like that will indeed be the case. However, there could be something more regarding what Bixby actually is…

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Galaxy S8 Stories March 11, 2017


In this week’s top stories: Pixel 2 rumors, Best Android phones [March], Google Home and Assistant, the latest Galaxy S8 leaks, our Samsung Chromebook Plus review, and much more.  expand full story

Galaxy S8 Stories February 6, 2017


It’s not that you haven’t seen them a million times already, or that there’s really much left to wait for. Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and, even before that, the LG G6, are well on their way, and you will see proper reviews popping up everywhere (including here, obviously) very soon.

But there are some new images of leaked cases for both which give us an even better look at them, so here they are…

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Galaxy S8 Stories January 26, 2017


Oh, the Galaxy S8. After the news avalanche two days ago we figured it would take a while for more to pour in, but obviously we were wrong. And so here you go: thanks to the evergreen Evan Blass (via VentureBeat) you can now lay your eyes on what is an almost certainly genuine picture of Samsung‘s upcoming flagship…

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Galaxy S8 Stories January 24, 2017

GS8 flat?

Leaks for Korean companies just won’t stop pouring these days — we’ve just had our first glimpse at LG‘s G6, and while Samsung will miss the MWC trade show in Barcelona next month, The Guardian has obtained a slew of details regarding almost every aspect of their next top-of-the-line device — or, it’d be better to say, devices…

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Galaxy S8 Stories January 14, 2017

GS8 flat?

There have been quite a few rumors and alleged leaks of Samsung‘s upcoming Galaxy S8 in the past week-ish, so we figured this could be your one-stop for everything surfaced, from sizes to renders to beloved and slowly fading ports — so let’s break it down…

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Galaxy S8 Stories January 9, 2017


Following the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has quite a lot to make up for. Of course, its best shot at regaining customers’ trust will be the forthcoming Galaxy S8, and if it wasn’t clear enough, the Korean giant is aiming high. Here is the latest proof

As per a report from The Investor, the electronics firm “has requested its partners to supply (parts) based on [Samsung’s] 60 million shipment goal.” These are the words of an unnamed industry source, who also told the paper that the release schedule has changed…

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Galaxy S8 Stories December 27, 2016


Artificial intelligence is on the verge of entering almost every aspect of our digital lives, and one of the ways it is already doing so is via virtual assistants. Samsung is reportedly working hard on its own solution, and an exclusive report from SamMobile is sheding some light on the situation…

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Galaxy S8 Stories December 6, 2016


A new series of reports today from SamMobile, a blog that often provides accurate details on unreleased Samsung products, claims that the company plans to ditch both the 3.5mm headphone jack and the physical Home button on its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. The reports also confirm new details about the device’s display and other specs. 

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Galaxy S8 Stories November 29, 2016


Cameras in phones are just about the single most important component for a whole lot of people. However, when thinking about your device’s “camera,”  you probably have an idea of the rear shooter in your head.

And while that’s not going to go anywhere anytime soon, the front facing module is becoming increasingly important, which would explain Samsung‘s alleged interest in stepping up its game…

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Galaxy S8 Stories November 9, 2016


That Samsung has had a rough 2016 H2 is no mystery. Between the Galaxy Note 7 disaster and other unfortunate events related to subsidiaries outside the Mobile division, the following twelve months will not just be challenging, but also absolutely crucial for the brand’s identity.

And arguably two key devices will be represented by the S7‘s successors: two Galaxy S8-labeled smartphones and — it seems — a potential Note 7 follow-up…

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Galaxy S8 Stories November 1, 2016

Galaxy S7 edge back

If there’s one thing that’s sure over at Samsung‘s headquarters, it’s that after the Galaxy Note 7‘s debacle the company will really need to nail it when the time for its next flagship smartphone comes. The firm’s engineers and designers are hard at work to bring the Galaxy S8 on time — and safely — and some more information may help us paint a clearer picture of what’s to come…

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Galaxy S8 Stories October 25, 2016


The Galaxy Note 7 proved to be nothing short of a disaster for Samsung. There really is no way around it: the company lost money, brand value, and likely a few customers too. That, however, doesn’t mean that thousands — or even millions — of people won’t line up to secure the next installment in their Galaxy S series. And if the latest round of leaks is to be believed, we wouldn’t argue ourselves…

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Galaxy S8 Stories June 21, 2016

Samsung 4KIt’s only been a few months since the arrival of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge on the market — and, more recently, the rugged S7 Active sibling as well — but while the rumor mill is in full swing regarding the ever-closer Galaxy Note 7, reports keep coming regarding next year’s flagship too…

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Galaxy S8 Stories June 8, 2016

Samsung 4KThere certainly is a lot happening in Samsung‘s hardware department. Following a general slowdown of the immense growth smartphones have enjoyed over the past lustrum in particular, OEMs are preparing for a new wave of next-generation devices.

Amid the numerous experimental projects the company is working on, however, we can expect that a more ‘safe’ Galaxy S8 will hit the market some time in the first half of 2017, and rumor has it that its display will move to a jaw-dropping 4K resolution (via KoreaHerald) …

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