Google Pixel 3 Lite Stories December 9

After a handful of reports over the past several months, we’ve recently been seeing the first images of Google’s “budget” Pixel lineup hitting the web. Today, new renders have revealed a closer look at the Pixel 3 Lite, as well as its larger brother, the Pixel 3 XL Lite.

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Google Pixel 3 Lite Stories November 26

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we first caught a glimpse of Google’s alleged Pixel 3 Lite. The device, also known as “Sargo,” has since shown up in a new batch of images alongside several other devices including past Pixels and even iPhones.

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Google Pixel 3 Lite Stories November 19

Last week, the bombshell leak of the supposed “Pixel 3 Lite” hit the internet with a mixture of feelings. Today, we get our first preview of the kind of photos this budget Pixel will be able to take.

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Google Pixel 3 Lite Stories November 16

We’ve been hearing rumors of a “budget” Pixel device from Google for ages, including our own report from early 2017, but nothing has ever come out regarding it. Today, though, we’re getting our first alleged images of the alleged Pixel 3 Lite.

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