Motorola: No Moto X wood in time for Thanksgiving

Moto X with wood back case via

Moto X with wood back case via

If you had high hopes of matching the back of your smartphone with the oak tree table on which you dine in time for Thanksgiving, then Motorola might have just ruined your holidays.

Well, not so fast, the company is selling Moto G handsets much sooner than previously announced (holiday money grab much?), but Motorola won’t be supporting those wood backplates for the Moto handsets for a few more weeks, according to a Reuters reporter.

Did Motorola just give its customers the shaft or save countless Moto rockers from certain buyers’ remorse? You be the judge. Read more

Canalys: Android tablets will continue tablet charge to overtake PC sales in 2014

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 10.13.43 AM

I’m sure we’re all “tired” to hear about the tablet/PC debate and which format will outsell one another next year. That being said, a new Canalys report caught my eye as it projects that in 2014 tablets will account for 50 percent of the PC market. I consider projections that indicate tablets will become half of the desktop, notebook, and tablet devices that make up the entire PC market to be notable because of the sheer size.

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Moto G now available to purchase in the US for $179

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.49.43 AM

I love good news in the morning and that’s why the opportunity to purchase the Moto G direct from Motorola’s website well before January has us smiling. Our very own Seth Weintraub was able to successfully purchase the device and receive a shipping order for two days. It’s a great surprise from Motorola, especially when the company originally indicated the US would be a part of “Wave 2″ and ship sometime after Christmas.

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Google’s expanded transit Street Views include airports, train stations and planes


Shortly after a Street View tour of London’s Gatwick Airport, Google has expanded its transit program to encompass 15 other airports, more than 50 train & metro stations – and even allows your virtual trips to take you right onto an airliner at Dubhai.

Google’s blog shows off a small selection of the new locations, including check-in at Madrid airport, arrivals at Tokyo airport, a walk though London’s Waterloo train station and locating your seat on board an Emirates A380 airliner.

The split view, showing both terminal map and Street View walk-thru, is particularly helpful for familiarising yourself with a transit airport in advance of a tight connection …  Read more

Selected developers now receiving Glass Explorer invitations from Google


Engadget reports that some developers who had registered their interest in the Glass Explorers program are now receiving emailed invitations from Google.

Although third-party developers have been able to develop Glass apps using a cloud-based API, this approached imposed limitations on what those apps could do. Google recently removed these limitations by offering developers an SDK, or in this case a GDK (Glass Development Kit), previewed here …  Read more

Google says RAW and burst mode photography APIs will be available in an upcoming Android release


Earlier this month, developers poking around the Android source code discovered that Google was preparing to add support for RAW photo capabilities to its mobile OS.  Today, Google has revealed that Android’s photography software was in fact updated with the ability to capture and store RAW images as well as support for burst mode photography. These changes to the Android base are not yet available to third-party developers, but the company has announced that the necessary APIs to take advantage of these new features will soon be available, allowing any developer to improve their app’s photography capabilities.

The recently-released Nexus 5 already takes advantage of the technology behind burst mode when creating HDR images. However, the quality of the camera has been a sore point for some Android users, including 9to5Google‘s own David Beren. Google has promised “insanely great” cameras in upcoming Nexus devices, though, so it’s not a big stretch to assume that these software enhancements are laying the groundwork for even better mobile cameras in the future.

As for third-party developers, a few have already started improving on the Nexus 5’s camera software on their own without official support from Google. It seems that Google is now preparing to give all Android developers even more to work with in the area of photography.

Google releases three new Nexus 5 commercials showing off its camera features

Google has released three new commercials for its Nexus 5 today, all of which highlight a specific camera feature (via Android Central). The first one shows off the HDR+ feature of the device’s camera, while the other two show Photo Sphere and Auto Awesome. The ads are all short, coming in at roughly 15 seconds a piece.

Google is heavily touting the Nexus 5’s camera, though many reviewers said that it was somewhat disappointing. In our own poll, however, people voted the device’s camera just a tad worse than the iPhone 5S shooter, which is arguably one of the best out there.

You can see the ad highlighting Photo Sphere above, while the other two are just after the break.  Read more