Gmail integrates with Drive for sharing of files up to 10 GB large

Google just announced that Gmail users could now insert Google Drive files up to 10GB large directly into an email without exiting Gmail.

All files sit in the cloud, so Drive can allow for 400-times-larger attachments, and cloud storage further enables recipients to get access to the latest version of the file from anywhere. To start using the integrated feature, just select the Drive icon when composing a new message. However, it is still rolling out, so folks need to sign up for Gmail’s new compose experience to get access now.

Google’s official Gmail blog also announced Gmail will “double-check that your recipients all have access to any files you’re sending,” which works similar to Gmail’s forgotten attachment detector, as the Gmail Team noted, by prompting users to change the file’s sharing settings before sending any email.

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Google now using Google+ names and photos for Play store user reviews

Google is getting rid of anonymous reviews in its Google Play store and informing users that from now on store reviews “will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture.” There doesn’t appear to be an option at this point to not use your Google+ identity, which means we might get a bit of backlash from users. However, it also means more accountability and potentially better reviews. The update was first spotted on the web version of the Google Play store, as pictured above, but it is apparently making its way out to mobile users too.

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Android 4.2.1 OTA update fixes December bug for some Nexus devices

Google’s LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices are now getting an over-the-air update to Android 4.2.1—just in time for December.

The update brings the Jelly Bean build to JOP40D and fixes the December bug that wouldn’t allow users of the People app to select a date in December for a birthday, anniversary, or similar event.

There isn’t much else different in the software release, and it is unknown at this time if this latest version of Jelly Bean will also land for the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus. However, like most OTA updates, 4.2.1 is rolling out in phases. So, it could take a few days before it is available to all.

The OTA update link is below.

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Google will resume sales of Nexus 4 in US at noon PST today

According to AndroidCentral, Google confirmed that it would resume selling its new Nexus 4 smartphone today after weeks of unavailability following the Nov. 13 launch. Both the $299 8 GB and $348 16GB models were listed as sold out just shortly after going up for sale in the United States on the Google Play store. Since then, some shipments have reached customers. However, Google earlier this month notified some pre-orders customers that their device would ship in three weeks due to “overwhelming demand.” We’ll keep you posted if the device actually hits Google Play later today.

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Google acquires Wi-Fi provider ICOA for $400M (Updated)

Update 1: Hmm. Despite a press release on PR Web this morning, AllThingsD just reported that Google did not buy ICOA Wireless:

We have yet to hear from a Google rep on the record. But people within the company say that contrary to a press release posted on PR Web, Google has not bought ICOA,  a Rhode Island-based player in public Wi-Fi Networks. Shares of ICOA, which are traded on the OTC “pink sheets”, are up sharply this morning.

PR Web also took down the press release. The old link now redirects to the website’s Recent News page.

Update 2: The Wall Street Journal just contacted two ICOA executives who then commented on the matter:

Erwin Vahlsing, Jr., ICOA’s chief financial officer, said in an email that an online press release claiming Google had acquired ICOA for $400 million “is false.”

In a separate email, George Strouthopoulos, ICOA’s chief executive, said the company “never had any discussions with any potential acquirers.” He said ICOA will report the incident “to the proper authorities.”

Google just announced that it bought Wi-Fi provider ICOA for $400 million, while noting the buyout continues to diversify its “portfolio of companies,” according to a press release from PR Web.

In regards to ICOA, Google called it “a provider of Wi-Fi to high traffic public locations,” and it further said, “ICOA is a leading vertically integrated, neutral-host broadband wireless Internet network provider.”

ICOA essentially powers high-traffic places like airports and restaurants, and its network supports 802.11x technology and plays nice with most Internet service providers. Oh, the Wi-Fi provider is also a partner with Boingo. Interestingly, Google worked with Boingo earlier this year to provide the same hotspot solution to other high-traffic locations across America.

Google’s venture into the wireless space is further interesting when you take into account its Google Fiber Project in Kansas and recent rumors that it’s partnering with Dish Network to launch a wireless service.

We contacted Google for a comment and will update when more information is available.

Check out the full press release below.

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Samsung has sold 5M Galaxy Note II units worldwide, selling 2M this month

Samsung announced today that it sold a total of 5 million Galaxy Note II units worldwide, following its announcement earlier this month that 3 million were sold. That means the South Korean-manufacturer moved 2 million 5.5-inch phablets in just under a month —surely thanks to its availability in the United States on AT&T. Sales aren’t as high as the Samsung Galaxy S III that competes side-by-side with Apple’s iPhone 5; however, it is interesting that a large chunk of customers want a larger handheld experience. Being available in various parts of Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa, the 5.5-inch device will likely have a strong holiday quarter adding to this month’s strong sales. [Samsung]

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Google reportedly releasing 12.85-inch touch-enabled Chrome OS notebook at the end of 2012

According to reports out of Asia, Mountain View-based Google will unveil its own-branded 12.85-inch touch laptop powered by its Chrome OS at the end of 2012. Details are scant this morning on what embodies the device; however, a report from Commercial Times said 20 million units are on tap. A Taiwanese-based company, named Compal Electronics, will be responsible for the overall production, while Wintek will supply the touch panels for the laptop.

Traditionally, Google’s approach to Chrome OS —or any of its software—has been to distribute it to various OEMs for production. Google has never manufactured its own product on a large scale, as the Nexus Q was the only one, and it wasn’t even shipped to the mass-market, but that won’t be the case with its latest Chrome OS device.

Samsung and Acer have released past iterations of Chrome OS. While the overall success of the platform is not really known, Chrome OS products are sold in larger stores like Best Buy. Google pitches Chrome OS as the solution “for everyone.” Just maybe a touch-enabled laptop could strike the fancy of some users looking to ditch their traditional devices.

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PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ passes Justin Bieber on way to a billion YouTube views


The world feels a little bit more right today as South Korean Pop Star PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video passes Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on YouTube’s all-time watched list. With my kids still watching the video a few times a day, it shouldn’t be long until the video is the first to pass 1 billion views. The hit is notable because it is the only top video not from VEVO and not from a North American English speaker.

Need more information? Of course you do, and we plopped in an animated GIF infographic below.

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Android Black Friday extravaganza – Deals from around the web

So, we at 9to5Google scoured the Web for the best Android deals available for everything from smartphones to apps. Check out the full list below, but keep checking back as we will continually update throughout the day.

Android Smartphones

(All on-contract unless otherwise noted.)


Check out more deals below.

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LTE enabled on Nexus 4 in Canada, here’s how to do it

While lack of LTE connectivity in the Nexus 4 seemed to be one of the biggest controversies surrounding the device’s launch, Canadians will at least get to access local LTE networks on the device for now. As discovered by Canadian blog Tekgadg, which posted the video above (via TechCrunch), enabling support for LTE by simply switching the network type in settings seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately, the trick, which only supports Canadian networks running LTE Band 4 put o 20MHz, could possibly be shutdown by Google in the near future. Until then, those who want to enable LTE on their Nexus 4 will have to type in *#*#4636#*#* to access the necessary preference pane. TechCrunch has step-by-step instructions, if you’re interested.

Google Maps indoor floor plans now available on the desktop

Just in time for Black Friday and the upcoming holiday shopping season, Google confirmed on the Google Maps Twitter account today that indoor floor plans are now available to all Google Maps users on the desktop. Unfortunately, unlike Android users who have access to multi-floor views, Google Maps on the desktop currently only shows the main level of buildings for indoor floor plans:

Currently, desktop Google Maps users are only able to view the main level of buildings available in indoor maps. For Maps users on Android devices, you can see additional levels using the level switcher function on the right side of the map.

Google has a full list of locations with indoor maps here.