Samsung One UI Stories February 17

With One UI 5, many under-the-hood constraints are set in place to allow your device to get decent battery life. Unfortunately, those restrictions result in some apps crashing unnecessarily or just not working on your Galaxy phone. Here’s how you can set unrestricted access to apps in One UI 5.

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Samsung One UI Stories February 2

What Samsung devices will get One UI 5.1?

The natural next step in software for some Samsung devices is OneUI 5.1. While Samsung confirmed the OS upgrade is coming but didn’t offer many details. We’ll go over which devices are getting the One UI 5.1 upgrade.

Samsung One UI Stories July 8, 2022

With rumors of the official One UI 5 beta starting soon and internal previews already underway, people are getting excited to see what Samsung has up its sleeve for Android 13. Luckily, I’ve managed to get my hands on the latest One UI 5 beta before the public beta even starts. Let’s take a look at everything that’s new in One UI 5.

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Samsung One UI Stories April 28, 2022

Samsung improved on Android 12’s big widget push by letting you combine them and have multiple occupy the same spot on your homescreen. After being exclusive to the latest One UI 4.1 phones, Smart Widgets are now appearing on Samsung’s Galaxy tablets, including the Tab S8.

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Samsung One UI Stories April 27, 2021

Recently, Samsung made Google Messages the default messaging app on the Galaxy S21 series outside of the US, instead of their own app. It seems the next step of this change is that Google has more widely launched a redesign for the Messages app that looks more like Samsung’s One UI on Galaxy S21 series phones.

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Samsung One UI Stories September 30, 2020

After praising Samsung for the recent speedy One UI 2.5 updates hitting devices, it appears that this OS update is causing some photo-related issues. It looks like the enhanced Motion Photos added in Samsung’s latest OTA are being uploaded as still images to Google Photos.

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Samsung One UI Stories September 15, 2020

Android 11 rolled out to Google Pixel devices earlier this month, but it’s going to be a while before the update rolls out to other brands. Samsung is, of course, hard at work behind the scenes on bringing Android 11 to some of its most recent device, and now, we’ve got a peek at what’s coming. Here’s a quick look at what OneUI 3.0’s first beta looks like.

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Samsung One UI Stories May 19, 2020

[Update: Galaxy Fold] Samsung One UI 2.1 update set to come to Galaxy S10, Note 10, S9, Note 9

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series also saw a minor bump up in One UI to version 2.1. At the moment, only four devices now run the slightly modified build of Android 10, but as expected, that is set to increase as Samsung is set to bring the update to older models.

Samsung One UI Stories April 20, 2020

Samsung Internet has been around for quite some time as the company’s pre-installed alternative to Google Chrome. It’s pretty good! Still, many prefer to use Chrome, Edge, or other alternatives, and recently we’ve noticed a strange bug on Samsung smartphones that makes using a different browser a bit more difficult.

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Samsung One UI Stories March 19, 2020

We recently reported that to nobody’s surprise that One UI 2.1 is set to come to older Galaxy devices. However, the next version, One UI 2.5 looks set to bring much-needed support for Google gestures when using third-party launchers.

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Samsung One UI Stories August 23, 2019

A potential build of Samsung’s Android 10 update with One UI 2.0 may have just leaked, giving us a closer look at the changes we can expect.

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Samsung One UI Stories March 18, 2019

Android Auto makes managing media, maps, and more in the car both safer and more convenient. However, sometimes it can run into problems with some vehicles. Buyers of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 are reporting issues with Android Auto, as well as a strange bug with Samsung’s One UI.

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Samsung One UI Stories February 19, 2019

Samsung ‘Galaxy Store’ replaces ‘Galaxy Apps,’ gets One UI redesign

It’s going to be a busy week for Samsung, but the company’s software has been going through a lot of changes for the past couple of months. As One UI and Android Pie continue rolling out to the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, the company is now updating its own app store to match. Along with that, the new One UI-redesign Galaxy Apps store is also getting renamed to the Galaxy Store.

Samsung One UI Stories December 4, 2018

After a false start last week, Samsung has officially made its One UI beta program available to Galaxy Note 9 owners in the United States (as well as Korea and Germany). If you’ve got a Note 9 and want to try out Android Pie and Samsung’s One UI early, here’s how to sign up.

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Samsung One UI Stories November 30, 2018

For years now, Samsung’s software has been a point of pain on its various Android smartphones. Slowly but surely, things have been getting much better, though. Now, with Samsung One UI, we’re seeing some big updates and great changes. Here are our top 5 favorite updates so far.

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Samsung One UI Stories November 29, 2018

Just two weeks after the initial rollout of Samsung’s One UI beta program, the first update is on its way. For Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ users testing out the One UI beta, here’s what to expect from the first update.

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Samsung One UI Stories November 28, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ users have already had the opportunity to get on the Samsung One UI with the Android Pie beta, but now Note 9 users can register to get involved in this limited testing phase. The download isn’t yet available, but the registration process is now open to US users.

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Samsung One UI Stories November 15, 2018

Samsung promised that the month of November would deliver the company’s new One UI interface with an Android Pie beta. Now, just hours after that beta program kicked off in South Korea, Samsung is opening the floodgates for the same update in the United States. Here’s how to download Galaxy S9 Android Pie beta with One UI.

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Samsung One UI beta w/ Android Pie starts rolling out to first testers in South Korea

While we’re still a couple of months away from the public rollout of Samsung One UI with Android Pie. However, true to its word, Samsung is kicking off the rollout of the One UI beta to its first testers, and that starts in Korea.

Samsung One UI Stories November 7, 2018

Among a handful of other announcements and close-up magic tricks at the Samsung Developer Conference today, the company officially revealed a refreshed take on its infamous Android skin. Samsung One UI is the new name of the company’s skin, and it’s coming this January.

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