Files by Google Stories March 30

Files by Google skyrockets to 1 billion Play Store downloads

Files by Google has reached a fairly major milestone having just surpassed 1 billion downloads from the Google Play Store — and in super quick fashion we should add.

Files by Google Stories December 15, 2020

[Update: Double-tap seeking] Files by Google adds neat media player volume and brightness gesture controls

Files by Google is one of the most stripped-back file managers for Android, but it has a simple, easy-to-understand design and layout. If you didn’t already know, the media player within Files by Google now includes some neat volume and brightness control gestures.

Files by Google Stories August 4, 2020

Files by Google officially starts rolling out PIN-encrypted ‘Safe Folder’

Back in June, we spotted Google’s Files app working on a password-protected “Safe Folder.” This feature is now rolling out in beta, while the company reports 150 million monthly users.

Files by Google Stories June 12, 2020

In recent years, we’ve all wisely become more privacy-conscious, with more folks learning of and caring more about features like end-to-end encryption in messaging, but what about the sensitive files we keep on our phones? The Files by Google app is preparing the ability to create a pin-protected “Safe folder” on your phone.

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Files by Google Stories November 15, 2019

In the age of streaming services and cloud backups, it’s not all that often we have to play local files off of a device. However, Google is making that a lot easier with the latest update to its file manager app. Files by Google can now play your locally stored media on a Chromecast display.

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Files by Google Stories September 18, 2019

Last month, our APK Insight team uncovered that Files by Google would soon be picking up the ability to use Chromecast to display your files on a television. As of this week’s beta update, Files by Google is rolling out Chromecast support for some people.

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