Files by Google Stories November 15, 2019

In the age of streaming services and cloud backups, it’s not all that often we have to play local files off of a device. However, Google is making that a lot easier with the latest update to its file manager app. Files by Google can now play your locally stored media on a Chromecast display.

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Files by Google Stories September 18, 2019

Last month, our APK Insight team uncovered that Files by Google would soon be picking up the ability to use Chromecast to display your files on a television. As of this week’s beta update, Files by Google is rolling out Chromecast support for some people.

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Files by Google Stories August 16, 2019

The latest beta of Files by Google, version 1.0.2635, rolled out last night, and it shows work toward sharing photos and videos from your phone to Chromecast devices.

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Files by Google Stories August 1, 2019

Originally designed for Android Go, Files by Google has quickly become a favorite for a lot of Android users. Today, Google has announced that Files has over 100 million monthly users, and it’s getting an official dark mode and improved media features to celebrate.

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Files by Google Stories December 7, 2018

Files by Google adds support for USB OTG storage, full folder structures with latest update

Roughly a month after it picked up its new branding, Files by Google has gotten an update with some much-appreciated features added. In its latest version, Files by Google has added USB OTG support, as well as better folder support

Files by Google Stories November 8, 2018

With Android Go, Google launched optimized ‘Go’ variants for Assistant, Maps, YouTube, and more. One of the more popular applications in the line is Files Go, with Google today dropping that moniker as part a Material Theme redesign.

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