Google Pixelbook Go Stories March 11

Pixelbook Go gets first Google Store discount of 2021

Google announced the Pixelbook Go in October of 2019, and it’s currently the only first-party Chrome OS device following the Pixel Slate’s quiet discontinuation at the start of this year. The Pixelbook Go is now seeing some slight discounts on the US Google Store.

Google Pixelbook Go Stories November 27, 2020

Google Store stops selling ‘Not Pink’ Pixelbook Go

While announced last October, the Not Pink Pixelbook Go did not become available until this January. At that, stock of the more interesting color was constrained to the higher-end and most expensive tiers, while it’s now completely unavailable.

Google Pixelbook Go Stories October 31, 2020

Prototype Pixelbook Go units are being sold by Woot today from $529

If you’ve been on the hunt for a more affordable Pixelbook Go, Woot has them on sale today from $529. But in a much more interesting twist, those Pixelbook Go units appear to actually be prototypes.

Google Pixelbook Go Stories May 25, 2020

Not Pink Pixelbook Go with Core i5 back in stock on Google Store

Announced in October, the “Not Pink” variant of Google’s latest Chromebook did not become available until mid-January. At that, supply was constrained, with only the $1,399 unit available for the past few months. A more affordable Core i5 Not Pink Pixelbook Go is now back in stock on the Google Store.

Google Pixelbook Go Stories January 20, 2020

One of the most interesting design aspects of the Pixelbook Go is actually its “Not Pink” color variant to complement “Just Black.” The bold color choice is now available from the Google Store in “limited quantities.”

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Google Pixelbook Go Stories January 15, 2020

Google’s Pixelbook Go has some flaws, but overall it quickly became one of our favorite Chromebooks ever to hit the market. If you’ve been over in the UK eagerly waiting to purchase a Pixelbook Go, your day has come.

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